Chapter Four: Why We Need the Truth of Our Republic

The following is an essay on the importance of being a Republic.

As stated earlier, words are important.  For example, words can create confusion, invoke passion, and incite anger.  Or, they can bring a nation together by upholding the truth, as Thomas Jefferson did for the American people when he wrote the words, “all men are created equal.”  

Words can also divide a nation by constantly repeating a vicious lie, as Democrats have continuously done by preaching democracy. Born of their selfish, mob rule-of-the-majority mindset, a belief in democracy flies in the face of our Constitution and recorded history, and yet Democrats have succeeded in convincing followers that, no matter what the issue, getting the most votes BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY is the only thing that matters, even if it’s accomplished with fraud and violence that leave behind widespread destruction and dead bodies of fellow citizens. Because of their inbred political madness, they’ve acted like petulant children who want what they want and have temper tantrums when they don’t get it.

In the beginning, Democrats created their lie of total majority rule because they had the biggest political party in the United States and it seemed like a safe bet.  But, when, heaven forbid, the first antislavery Republican president was elected in 1860, following thirty-two consecutive years of proslavery presidents, Democrats promptly said to hell with the law and pitched a fit. That was followed with SECEDING from the Union and committing documented TREASON, per Article III, Section 3, by starting a four-year war that destroyed half our country and left upwards of one million Americans either dead or missing in action, and all in the name of democracy.

Let. That. Sink. In. Democrats were perfectly comfortable being directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens, all because of their GREED FOR POWER. Then, when they lost that war, Democrats exhibited no remorse or guilt whatsoever for their selfish actions. Instead, they displayed a callous unconcern for the rights of others, showed absolutely no empathy for their victims, and refused to take responsibility for any of it. All textbook traits of a PSYCHOPATHIC MINDSET. Even though Republicans promptly forgave them, Democrats immediately reverted to their institutionalized RACISM by creating Black Codes, Jim Crow laws, and segregation to CONTROL their former slaves and keep them as a source of cheap labor, again, all in the name of their evil fantasy of democracy. 

Then, when their newly-freed slaves got the right to vote, thanks again to Republicans, and started leaving the Democratic Party’s plantation, they threw another tantrum, this time creating numerous paramilitary organizations, like the Ku Klux Klan, to enforce their racist white supremacy with terrorist violence, and, once more, all in the name of democracy.

Terrorism is defined as: “the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion.” The word terrorist is defined as: “practicing or involving violent acts of terror.”

For the next one hundred-plus years the Klan, and a dozen other Democrat terrorist organizations, used brutal violence against men, women, and children in every Southern state and some Northern states. Their violent tactics have been well-documented and include, but are not limited to, physical intimidation, armed threats, chasing people, slapping them, punching them, kicking them, clubbing them, knocking them down, dragging them behind horses and vehicles, nailing them to buildings, shooting them for sport, dismembering them for trophies, having picnic hangings, burying them alive, burning them alive, burning crosses on lawns, kidnappings, beatings, whippings, maimings, public floggings, more burnings – including crops, vehicles, inhabitants, and entire communities like Rosewood, Florida; Greenwood, Oklahoma; Wilmington, North Carolina; and many others along with tarring and feathering, ballot box stuffing, other forms of election fraud committed at gunpoint hundreds of times, inciting riots, bombings, lootings, violent coup d’états, rapes, stabbings, ambushes, mass shootings, sexual mutilations, assassinations, lynching thousands, massacring many thousands more, and other savage and heinous forms of harassment, torture, and mob violence directed mostly toward black people and white Republicans, and you guessed it, all in the name of democracy.

Let. That. Sink. In. After being directly responsible for the deaths of upwards of one million American citizens, for more than a century following the Civil War, the ENTIRE Democratic Party aided, abetted, and celebrated terrorist groups who committed every heinous crime known to man against their fellow citizens to deprive them of their constitutional rights, and all in the name of democracy.

After more than a century of this disgusting and horrific behavior, television started bringing live coverage into living rooms all over the world exposing the evil that Democrats were inflicting on people. Since they could no longer get away with hiding and lying about their immoral activities, Democrats were forced to stop, just like they were forced to stop with slavery.   How do you think they liked that? You’d be correct if you said they didn’t, because immediately they pitched another fit, this time playing a devious trick on black people by offering them a POISONED CHALICE under the guise of help.  So far their duplicitous War on Poverty program has done to black families what even slavery and segregation couldn’t do – it has DECIMATED THEM.

When their malevolent War on Poverty began in 1965, the national unemployment rate was less than 5 percent and the economy was booming. The black poverty rate had been cut in half and was falling like a rock, with income gains for blacks outpacing that of whites. As a result, black families were also getting stronger with only 22 percent of black children being raised in single-parent households. However, once the Democrat’s War on Poverty kicked in, the poverty rate for black people, that had been falling like a rock, not only immediately STOPPED FALLING, it rose again and has REMAINED HIGHER than it was when the program began. As a direct result, the number of black children being raised in single-parent households has SKYROCKETED from only 22 percent to 72 percent AND RISING, making the economic situation for black families more than THREE TIMES WORSE than when the program began.

This evil Democrat PLOY has succeeded in creating a dependent class of the permanently poor for the FIRST TIME in United States history, thus, keeping black people voting Democrat for more government handouts and all in the name of democracy.

Everything I’ve just explained about the so-called War on Poverty can be found in “The War on Poverty After 50 Years” by authors Dr. Robert Rector and Rachael Sheffield, obtained from government statistics that are neither Democrat nor Republican at (

According to Sheffield and Rector, the War on Poverty has done the EXACT OPPOSITE of its stated goals and FAILED COMPLETELY. Given the Democratic Party’s historical treatment of black people, do you think creating a swindle that traps black families in poverty to keep them voting Democrat for more handouts was an accident? Democrat President Lyndon B. Johnson, who dreamed up the sick, twisted program, answered that question when he said this aboard Air Force One. At the time, he was having a conversation with two like-minded Southern Democrat governors, not realizing that he was within earshot of other people. Said Johnson: “I’ll have those NIGGERS voting Democrat for the next 200 years.” (You can verify Johnson’s quote in historian Ronald Kessler’s book “Inside the White House” on page 33 at’ll%20have%20them%20niggers%20voting%20Democratic%20for%20two%20hundred%20years.%22&f=false.) You can also read other Johnson quotes in books from nationally known historians like Doris Kearns Goodwin. On page 147 of her Pulitzer Prize winning book titled, “Lyndon Johnson and the American Dream,” she quotes Johnson talking to fellow racist and Democrat Senator Richard Russell of Georgia: “These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days, and that’s A PROBLEM FOR US… Now we’ve got to do something about this – we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, NOT ENOUGH TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.”

You can verify the above quote at You can also retrieve online some of Johnson’s recorded phone conversations that state in no uncertain terms what he thought about black people. Keep in mind that his so-called War on Poverty picked up where segregation left off and has been going for 56 years. Is it any wonder our black citizens are rioting?

And recently, as it was in the 1860’s, with a Republican’s upset win over their party’s heavily-favored candidate for president in 2016, the Democratic Party (including those who committed the crimes and the rest who aided, abetted, and celebrated them every step of the way) threw another tantrum and again resorted to their inherent psychopathic terrorist tactics. This time they used physical intimidation, armed threats, chasing people out of restaurants and stores, physically attacking them on subways, in the streets, at their homes, and other public places that included slapping people, punching people, kicking people, knocking people down, dragging people, trying to stab people, beating them almost to death, murdering people, shooting a Republican congressman, shooting at other Republican congressmen, burnings – including vehicles and structures, inciting more than 100 consecutive days of violent riots in multiple cities, lootings, bombings, mailing poisons, threatening rapes and more stabbings, threatening their children and spouses, publicly calling for more violence, publicly calling for assassinations, ambushes, and other savage forms of harassment and mob violence to be directed, yet again, toward black and white Republicans and guess what? All in the name of democracy.

The Democratic Party HAS NOT CHANGED. One of today’s greatest problems is that Democrats, and their mob-rule MINDSET, make up the overwhelming majority of our educators.  Educators are supposed to be intelligent enough to study history, intelligent enough to read and understand Article IV, Section 4, and intelligent enough to read and understand Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary where the definition of republic doesn’t say, “see democracy,” and the definition of democracy doesn’t say, “see republic.”   Instead, it’s an INDICTMENT of our ENTIRE EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM that they’ve swallowed the preposterous DEMOCRACY LIE hook, line, and sinker. 

In the last one hundred years, we’ve entrusted our children to teachers who have ABROGATED their responsibility for TEACHING THE TRUTH about what form of government we have.  Instead of teaching rule-of-law and republicanism, as called for in our “Republican Form of Government,” they’ve brainwashed generations of Americans into believing we have a democracy and its selfish, rule-of-the-majority, all-the-time MINDSET that means getting the most votes BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY is the only thing that matters, even if it’s accomplished with lies, intimidation, election fraud, dishonest teachers, and the use of brutal violence.  This evil democratic mindset is precisely why our Founding Fathers considered democracy to be wicked, a disease, and the most vile form of government. It’s precisely why they considered calling someone a democrat to be an INSULT.

We’re NOT a nation of majority rule, we’re a nation of rule-of-law, whether it’s the majority or not. A Republic protects our civil rights. A democracy PROTECTS NOTHING, only what the majority chooses to give and only for as long as they feel like it. (See Chapter Three.) Calling us a democracy is a LIE perpetrated by the ENTIRE Democratic Party. The only way we can mitigate the evil problems caused by their democracy fraud is to EXPOSE IT and convince our citizens of the DOCUMENTED TRUTH – our nation is a Republic and we practice republicanism, meaning, we’re a nation of laws and personal rights, NOT a barbarian nation of democratic thugs where getting the most votes BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY is all that matters.

From the time the Democratic Party was founded in 1828, we’ve had 193 consecutive years of racist, psychopathic, Democrat terrorism and THEY’RE NOT DONE!  Their despicable behavior continues, most recently with the election of President Trump.  What does it take for people to realize – belief in democracy breeds violence!


That is specifically why our Founding Fathers wanted nothing to do with democracy as a form of government and considered Democrats as anarchists.  Republicanism means, “adherence to a republican form of government” and is based on rule-of-law that protects our rights, whereas democracy is a barbaric fantasy that creates a mob rule-of-the-majority MINDSET which leads to violence that infringes on our rights.  A Republic means rule-of-law all the time, WHETHER IT’S THE MAJORITY OR NOT. Hence, the Democratic Party’s CONTINUAL NEED FOR FRAUD AND VIOLENCE whenever the law works against them. 

How long are law abiding Americans going to let this continue? Either we believe in law and order or we don’t, there is NO MIDDLE GROUND.  We cannot, we must not, compromise on the truth.  Being a Republic is critically important because it’s not only the truth, it’s a VITAL MINDSET that governs our actions, i.e., morals, honesty, and decency. Think back to the Home Page and the words that describe those on the political left (Democrats). It can’t be any clearer than that.

Mindset means: “a MENTAL ATTITUDE or inclination,” and, “a FIXED state of mind.” By allowing educators to continue preaching a lie of democracy, we’re imbuing our students with the attitude that violence is an acceptable means of gaining power.

Too many voters think all politicians lie.  Republicans can change that by telling them the most important truth we have, one that’s documented in our Constitution and in the words of the people who created it.  If we say this truth loud enough, and often enough, it will not only unite all Republicans, but all Conservatives, all Libertarians, most Independents, most Minorities, most Immigrants, and even a few Democrats.  What could naysayers do about it, accuse us of telling the truth? 


Popular politicians and demagogues who stir the masses come and go.  Ideas expressed with words, such as freedom and liberty, live forever!  Remember the Alamo stirred Texans to victory over Mexico.  Remember the Maine carried our nation to victory over Spain.  Remember Pearl Harbor lifted us to victory over the Empire of Japan.  Reclaim our Republic will lead us to victory over the evil democracy fraud, that has infected our country, before it becomes fatal. 

We have an out-and-out rebellion on our hands being led by those who OPPOSE the rule-of-law when it DOESN’T SUIT their purpose. Just like married couples retake their vows and Christians are born again, our country needs to RELEARN the importance of being a Republic.  Every time we use the word democracy, or allow someone else to use it, we take another sip of the poison our Founding Fathers warned against.  Either we believe in the truth or we don’t, THERE IS NO MIDDLE GROUND.

In Chapter Two I asked this question: “How can students be taught our nation’s history, of which our government is such a big part, or civics, without learning what our Founding Fathers thought about democracy?” 

This is a serious question because there are only two possible explanations, each of which would be ANOTHER INDICTMENT of our educational system.  Either teachers are ignorant of the truth, meaning they “lack proper knowledge,” or, they’re Democrats who don’t want students to KNOW THE TRUTH. Given the way Democrats are trying to rewrite history, do you have any doubt which one it is?

End of essay.

John Stuart Mill was an English political philosopher and a leading economist of the nineteenth Century.  In his inaugural address, given at the University of St. Andrews on February 1, 1867, he warned:

“Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”1   Or, as paraphrased by others, including John F. Kennedy and Sir Robert Murray Hyslop: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”2

Our Founding Fathers considered democracy to be an evil, wretched, virulent disease.  They were correct because a belief in democracy has produced bad people who’ve done evil things to our citizens. I can understand why Democrats don’t want this to be public knowledge, but we, as Republicans, can no longer afford to shrug our shoulders and say, oh well, that’s ancient history.  Because it’s not!  Today’s Democrats, with their inherently violent herd mentality, are still doing EVIL things to people.  It’s time for Republicans, and other civic minded Americans, to stand together and AGGRESSIVELY COMMIT to something that’s long overdue – exorcising the demon that is the DEMOCRACY FRAUD.  


From now on, allowing anyone to co-opt the name of our government and country by calling us a democracy is to allow them to set the ground rules and base their following arguments on a lie, and must be challenged with truth IMMEDIATELY

POLITICAL ATOMIC BOMB #1: Henceforth, all Republicans and civic-minded Americans will NEVER AGAIN use the word democracy when describing our country, and only use it when they are correcting someone who has.  Every time they hear anyone refer to the United States as a democracy, they should IMMEDIATELY interrupt them and say words to this effect:

“EXCUSE ME, but you are an intelligent and thoughtful person and I know you wouldn’t want what you’re about to say based on a glaring falsehood.  The Constitution, Article IV, Section 4, says we have a “Republican Form of Government,” NOT a democracy as you stated.  While both are forms of government, they have different rules.  Just like golf and football are both forms of sport, but have different rules. So please refer to our country by the correct name, and that is, a Republic.  Thank you.” 

If they ask: “What’s the difference?”  Tell them: “By definition, a democracy is governed by rule-of-the-majority all the time.  A republic is governed by rule-of-law all the time, WHETHER IT’S THE MAJORITY OR NOT.  A republic protects our rights, a democracy wouldn’t.  If it did, then it would no longer be a democracy, it would be a republic.”

“This also means we practice republicanism, NOT democracy.  We have republican rights, NOT democratic rights.  And our president is duly elected, NOT democratically elected.”  If they object and say that voting is a democratic right too, remind them: “Yes it is, but ONLY in a democracy.  In a republic it’s a REPUBLICAN right.”  (See Chapter Three that proves this.)

If they persist and say, “Let’s agree to disagree,” and want to continue, POLITELY REFUSE.  You can’t have a serious discussion with anyone whose premise for their entire argument is FANTASY. If you continue, you’ll be accepting a false premise that will give credence to other lies that are sure to follow, like socialism.  Remember, you have TRUTH and FACT on your side, they don’t. Otherwise, you’re playing a Democrat game that you can’t win.

If they get nasty and press the issue, simply say: “I’m sorry, my friend, but you need to READ Article IV, Section 4 of the United States Constitution and Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary for the definitions of republic, republicanism, and democracy. Then we’ll talk.”

Using political atomic bomb #1 faithfully will quickly make the public aware of the Democratic Party’s DEMOCRACY LIE (see Chapter Three) and call into question other things they’ve been told by Democrats. Republicans CAN NOT YIELD on this because we have documented fact and truth on our side.

POLITICAL ATOMIC BOMB #2: Henceforth, every time a Republican speaks in public, whether it’s on television or radio, or when they’re addressing Congress, or talking to journalists, reporters, voters, children, or anyone else, they should REINFORCE our Republic by saying these exact words:

“Good evening (morning, afternoon). “My name is (state name) and I’m a Republican.  This is a copy of our United States Constitution.” (Hold it up for all to see.) “According to Article IV, Section 4, of this document, we have, and I quote, ‘a Republican Form of Government,’ unquote.” (Then hold up a copy of Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary in your other hand.) “According to this book, which is the Supreme Court’s favorite dictionary for the definition of words and phrases, the word republicanism is defined as, and I quote, ‘adherence to a republican form of government,’ and, ‘the principles, policy, or practices of the Republican party of the United States,’ unquote. Therefore, I make this SOLEMN PLEDGE to you:

“I believe in republicanism (hold up the dictionary) because it directly supports our ‘Republican Form of Government’ as called for in (hold up the Constitution) our Constitution.” (See Chapter Three.)

When was the last time you heard a Democrat say the words republicanism or Republican form of government?  How about never. Make Democrat heads explode when a Republican begins his remarks or opens a debate by taking the SOLEMN PLEDGE and then asks the the Democrat to say it.  Democrats who refuse will be branded as anarchists who don’t support “republicanism” or our “Republican Form of Government.” In effect, they’ll be admitting they don’t support our Constitution.  Being branded as anarchists will lay waste to the Democratic Party just as surely as real atomic bombs laid waste to Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  It will call into question the motives for everything the Democratic Party says.

CORRECT WORDS make all the difference, especially in this politically-correct era run amok.  Let’s call Democrats on talking out of both sides of their mouth when it comes to supporting our Constitution.  Let’s put them between a rock and a hard place by forcing them to GET SPECIFIC.  Let’s embarrass their lies into silence if they state a commitment to our Republic and then use the word democracy.  People will notice and call them on it.

Hearing this simple truth about republicanism and our “Republican form of government” that forms the BASIS OF EVERYTHING our nation stands for, will not only unite all Republicans, but all Conservatives, all Libertarians, most Independents, most Immigrants, most minorities, and even a few Democrats. It’s no joke when I say that a lot of Americans wonder if our elected officials have ever read the Constitution and, if they have, do they understand what it means.  It might encourage voters to read it which can only HELP REPUBLICANS.  Saying it publicly will force legislators to pay more attention to the Constitution which can only HELP OUR COUNTRY

POLITICAL ATOMIC BOMB #3: Henceforth, all rank and file Republicans will interrupt anyone who uses the word democracy and say:

“YOU LIE! We have a Republican form of government, NOT a democracy. It says so in Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution. They aren’t the same. A lynch mob is democracy and we’re better than that.”

Here are two more compelling reasons why these political weapons are so desperately needed. 

#1 – No individual is perfect and that certainly includes John Roberts, our Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.  In his 2019 year-end report, he made this preposterous statement:

“We have come to take democracy for granted, and civic education has fallen by the wayside.  In our age, when social media can instantly spread rumor and false information on a grand scale, the public’s need to understand our government, and the protections it provides, is ever more vital.”3

It’s obvious that he, too, is a victim of our lax educational system.  My question is – which of the 2,234 descriptions of democracy based on insufficiently factual studies and unproved assumptions that allow for multiple kinds of reality is he using? (See Chapter One.)  If there’s one person on God’s earth who’s expected to know what form of government we have, it’s Chief Justice Roberts!  In the first sentence he commits the unpardonable sin of doing exactly what he warns against in the next sentence – spreading false information on a grand scale!  Does heunderstand our government?” This is a serious problem when even our Chief Justice has swallowed the democracy lie hook, line, and sinker. 

#2 – I was affiliated with one of the largest nonprofits in the State of Florida for over ten years.  During that time I discovered that most immigrants want to fit in and many become Democrats simply because they associate the word Democrat with the word democracy.  Wouldn’t it be nice if they associated the word Republican with the words republic, republicanism, and Republican form of government?  Wouldn’t it be nice if we showed them Article IV, Section 4, while we explained what we really are and why?  Then, it wouldn’t be a matter of opinion or an evil hoax, it would be a matter of FACT and the TRUTH

For far too long we’ve allowed people to twist our government by using the wrong words.  Let’s play a Republican game for once.  Let’s DRIVE A WEDGE between the Democratic Party and our party by calling us what we really are.  Hearing the words “Republic, republicanism,” and “Republican Form of Government” will give everyone who believes in our Constitution a CAUSE to rally behind that’s not another dime-a-dozen opinion.  The American people need to see and hear these truths EVERY SINGLE DAY BEGINNING IMMEDIATELY!  They need to be INUNDATED with it.  There is nothing that unites EVERYTHING WE STAND FOR more than this truthour nation is a Republic, NOT a democracy.  Given the direction our country is presently headed and those who are trying to subvert our government, we need this truth NOW MORE THAN EVER!

In his 1975 speech to CPAC, then Governor Ronald Reagan issued a stern warning to Republicans that has, so far, GONE UNHEEDED:

“Our people look for a CAUSE to believe in.  Is it a third party we need, or is it a new and revitalized second party, raising a banner of no pale pastels, but BOLD colors which make it UNMISTAKABLY CLEAR where we stand on all of the issues troubling the people.”4

Republicans can’t invent a better CAUSE, paint a bigger difference, raise a bolder banner, or be MORE CLEAR about the difference between our party and the Democratic Party than the TRUTH OF OUR REPUBLIC.  It’s indisputable fact and the biggest and best marketing advantage we will ever have.  We can link the name of our Party DIRECTLY to our Constitution. DEMOCRATS CAN’T, despite our Chief Justice. 

Can you imagine what will happen if every time a Republican was heard on television or radio, or when they were addressing Congress, or talking to journalists, reporters, voters, children, or anyone else, if that Republican used only the words Republic, republican, republicanism, and “Republican Form of Government” to describe our nation and government?  Or, what will happen if every time a Republican was drawn into a debate with someone, if the Republican immediately corrected them for using the word democracy when they should be saying republic or republicanism, or for using the word democratic when they should be saying republican?  Or, if school children started correcting their own teachers and showed them and their fellow classmates a copy of Article IV, Section 4, as my grandson does? Remember, republic and democracy are mutually exclusive forms of government, meaning, implementing one will automatically rule out the other. In other words, it’s IMPOSSIBLE for our nation to be both a republic and a democracy.

In summary, what I’ve just explained is HUGE!  If you can’t see it, then you need to keep rereading this until you do.  Haven’t you had enough of Woodrow Wilson-style politicians referring to the Constitution when it suits their purpose, and then calling us a democracy when it doesn’t?  How can we expect them to lead us if they don’t know what they’re leading?  I think it’s time we make them understand what form of government we’re supposed to have.  I think it’s time we stop letting them poison our well of freedom by using the wrong words.  Can you imagine the excitement that will build nationally if people heard the words Republic, republican, republicanism, and “Republican Form of Government” used every day?  In a few short months the rest of our citizens would catch on, as would the whole Supreme Court and the rest of the world!

The Democratic Party’s evil, poisonous democracy fraudwhere getting the most votes is the only thing that matters creates a MENTALLY DEFICIENT MINDSET and is the foundation for all their political madness, intolerance, and violence.  By allowing it to continue unchallenged, Republicans are CEDING the moral high ground to a LIE and giving credence to other Democrat illusions of truth like socialism. Destroying their biggest hoax of all will be an earthquake that shakes their foundation until it crumbles, taking the rest of their evil lies with it. 

Words are important.  We’re supposed to be educated people, not frauds, con men, and bald-faced liars.  Calling us a Republic is the absolute and incontestable TRUTH, whereas calling us any form of democracy is worse than an oxymoron, it’s a blatant lie that suggests people can have whatever they vote for, even if it takes away someone else’s property and rights and even if it’s accomplished with lies, intimidation, rioting, and other Democrat violence, as exhibited by their party throughout its history. 

Belief in democracy, and its mob-rule mindset, breeds confusion and anger which lead to hate and violence that INFRINGE ON OUR RIGHTS.  We’re BETTER than a democracy, just like we’re BETTER than cave men.  We’re a nation of laws that PROTECT OUR RIGHTS.  If you still don’t believe words are important, try calling one of our black citizens the N-Word and see what happens. 

Repeating a lie until they’re blue in the face doesn’t make it the truth.  It only makes them sound ignorant and confuses weak-minded people who become unhappy and angry which lead to hate and violenceDemocracy, as exhibited by the Democratic Party, is for Neanderthals, uneducated lowlifes, slang merchants, slave owners, treasonous villains, segregationist thugs, Ku Klux Klan bullies, liars, con men, racists, manipulators, looters, robbers, power-hungry politicians, lynch mobs, demagogues, terrorists, anarchists, and other psychopaths who need an excuse to riot. A Republic is for all peaceful, civic-minded Americans.  Which are you?

Footnotes – Chapter Four: Why We Need the Truth of Our Republic

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