Chapter Six: The Democratic Party’s Inherent Racism

Hardly a day goes by that a Democrat doesn’t accuse a Republican of being racist.  Have you ever wondered why? Especially when Democrats have been the party of slavery, segregation, Black Codes, Jim Crow laws, the Ku Klux Klan, lynching, disenfranchisement, violently enforced white supremacy and are still practicing other forms of racism?

Darius Cikanavicius is an author, educator, psychological consultant, mental health advocate, and certified mental health coach.  He deals firsthand with the type of people described in the last chapter and in the above paragraph, most of whom fly below the radar and haven’t yet reached the severe psychopathy stage. The following is taken from a recent paper he wrote about how such people blame and accuse others for THEIR OWN SHORTCOMINGS.”1

“People with dark personality traits tend to blame others for their own bad behavior.  If they are lying, then they will accuse others of lying.  If they are cruel, they will say that others are cruel. They never take responsibility, and it’s ALWAYS SOMEONE ELSE’S FAULT.”1

In another article, he explains the “Dark Triad” as three overlapping personality traits exhibited by PSYCHOPATHIC MANIPULATORS, also described in the last chapter. The first is narcissism, characterized by a lack of empathy. Then Machiavellianism, characterized by a lack of morals and the use of deception to manipulate others. And third, PSYCHOPATHY, characterized by selfishness, callousness, a lack of remorse, and violence.1   The same traits of a standard psychopath.2

Cikanavicius also describes people who lie to control others as “psychopathic liars.”  They think “others are stupid and that they themselves are very clever,” but, “with this behavior, it is senseless and pathetic when you see them trying to bend and NEGATE REALITY.”1

He says psychopathic manipulators blatantly lie in an effort to “hide their undesirable characteristics or inflate their false image,” exactly what Joe Biden has been video-taped doing numerous times over his entire career.  They attack others and bully and abuse people,” but, in reality, are fake, fragile, and they are cowards.1  Meaning, they can dish it out, but they can’t take it.

COMMENTS: Spreading the blame for racism in our country is a psychopathic tactic of the Democratic Party. By blaming all Americans, it allows them to continue practicing racism in its many forms and blaming someone else for the consequences. When you consider what Democrats have done to black citizens over the last two centuries – slavery for 37 years followed by Black Codes, Jim Crow laws, segregation, lynching, disenfranchisement, and violently enforced white supremacy for another 100-plus years, and then for the last 56 years still controlling black people via a malevolent War on Poverty that has decimated black families to keep them dependent and voting Democrat for more welfare – calling Republicans racist in comparison is not only a BLATANT LIE, it’s absolutely preposterous and absurd.

Psychopaths are considered the WORST KIND OF LIARS who lie as often as necessary to get their own way. They couldn’t care less about other people’s feelings or lives that are negatively affected as the result of those lies. This obvious MENTAL IMBALANCE prevents them from feeling shame or guilt unless it’s thrown in their face EVERY DAY to the point of a nervous breakdown.

COMMENTS: There’s a reason why some people need regular psychotherapy so they can identify and change troubling emotions, evil thoughts, and violent behavior, three things that have been RAMPANT in the Democratic Party since it was founded.

The word psycho means, “a deranged person.” Deranged means, “mentally unsound.” Psychotherapy, then, would be therapy for someone who is “deranged” or “mentally unsound.”

Daniel Webster, named one of our five greatest Senators, said: “There is nothing so powerful as truth.”3  He should have added, “But only if you USE IT.”

“You can’t handle the truth!” screamed Jack Nicholson at Tom Cruise, in a memorable scene from the 1992 military, court-drama film A Few Good Men.4

Can you handle the truth?  Or, are you a cowardly psychopathic manipulator? I ask that because it’s amazing how many people can’t, or won’t, accept the truth.  What’s the alternative?  Would you rather live in a fantasy world of lies, deceit, and make-believe based on “insufficiently factual studies and unproved assumptions that allow for multiple kinds of reality” where anything goes? Let’s find out.

Every Democrat is a RACIST!    

Did that shock you?  I can prove it beyond any shadow of a doubt by using real, unqualified, and incontestable historical facts and accepted definitions from the Supreme Court’s favorite dictionary.


On January 8, 1828, the Democratic Party was FOUNDED by supporters of Andrew Jackson and is our nation’s oldest political party.5   One of their unifying and FOUNDING beliefs nationally was their support for, and continuation of, SLAVERY and WHITE SUPREMACY.6   Jackson, who owned approximately 150 slaves at the time of his death, was elected president in November over incumbent President John Quincy Adams, an outspoken opponent of slavery.

COMMENTS: There can be no doubt that Democrats BELIEVED they were SUPERIOR to black people and should have CONTROL, via slavery, over black people.

By contrast, the Republican Party was founded on March 20, 1854 and held its first ANTISLAVERY convention less than four months later on July 6, 1854.7 

On March 30, 1855, led by Democrat Senator David Rice Atchison of Missouri, more than 5,000 armed, pro-slavery Democrats from western Missouri invaded Kansas and took over the polls to illegally vote in territorial Kansas’ first election.  Despite registered antislavery voters outnumbering registered proslavery voters by a five-to-one margin, the proslavery voters won by three to one.  The election was notorious for ballot box stuffing, intimidation, shooting, other violence used to prevent residents from voting, and threatening election judges WITH DEATH if they interfered.  Many towns had more votes cast than there were residents.  For instance, the town of Leavenworth recorded five times as many votes as its entire population, including women who weren’t allowed to vote and children, and 90 percent of those votes supported proslavery candidates.8  (Does that sound recently familiar?)

Residents of Kansas protested the documented election fraud and set up their own government in Topeka.  Democrats argued that that anyone who was in Kansas on the day of the election was eligible to vote, even if the only reason they were in Kansas was to vote and bring other people’s votes along with them (what today’s Democrats call “harvesting votes”).  Pro-slavery Democrat President Franklin Pierce agreed and a Democrat-controlled Congress UPHELD the documented election fraud.  The antislavery government, that was elected by real Kansas residents, was arrested for treason.8 

In 1855, Democrats were enjoying a run of seven consecutive presidents who supported slavery and white supremacy and thought nothing of using violence to break the law and ensure new states became slave-states.  The fact that a Democrat president and a Democrat-controlled Congress agreed with them says all you need to know about the ENTIRE Democratic Party.

Committing election fraud becomes a regular occurrence for the Democratic Party throughout the South, especially following the Civil War as they sought to illegally regain control over black people and wrest state governments away from Republicans.9 Democrat members of Congress bragged openly about what they did.  In his book titled, “Wrong on Race,” historian Bruce Bartlett quotes from the Congressional Record a speech made by Democrat Senator Ben Tillman (AKA “Pitchfork Ben”) of South Carolina on February 26, 1900, in which he explained what Southern Democrats did once black men began supporting the Republican Party and gaining political power during Reconstruction. Said Tillman:

“When that happened,” Tillman explained, “We have done our level best (to prevent blacks from voting)…we have scratched our heads to find out how we could ELIMINATE the last one of them. We TOOK THE GOVERNMENT AWAY. We STUFFED BALLOT BOXES.  We SHOT THEM.  We are NOT ASHAMED OF IT.”10

COMMENTS: Pitchfork Ben Tillman was a leader of South Carolina’s “Red Shirts,” one of the most violent, Democrat terrorist organizations that murdered black people (including men, women, and children) for sport and made the Ku Klux Klan look like Boy Scouts. “Mentally unsound” doesn’t begin to describe him. Yet, he was one of the Democrat leaders in the Senate.

In 1901, Republican President Theodore Roosevelt invited African-American Presidential Adviser Booker T. Washington to the White House for dinner.  Democrats all over the country WERE INCENSED about a black man entering the White House as an equal, leading Tillman to say:

“The action of President Roosevelt in entertaining that NIGGER will necessitate our KILLING A THOUSAND NIGGERS in the South before they will learn their place again.”11

COMMENTS: Democrats would kill four times that many in a single day with a coordinated attack that rivaled D-Day and completely destroyed a peaceful black community of some ten thousand people in Greenwood, Oklahoma in 1921. Greenwood was a prosperous black suburb of Tulsa, the oil capital of the world at that time, and by all accounts was the richest black community in the United States and was known as the “Black Wall Street.” Like nearly all violent bloody attacks carried out by Democrats, where they controlled the law, they would only admit to “36 killed.” When in fact, as dawn broke on June 1, thousands of armed Tulsa Democrats and Ku Klux Klan members attacked Greenwood from all four sides, including numerous planes flying back and forth overhead dropping fire bombs while machine guns mounted on nearby hills fired indiscriminately into occupied dwellings until they were destroyed and then torched. The attackers shot any black person they could find, including men, women, and children. By the time the National Guard arrived seven hours later, 1,300 homes had been completely destroyed along with two newspaper companies, schools, libraries, hotels, businesses, stores, churches, and a hospital were also completely destroyed, most with people trapped inside. The fact that only six thousand residents survived and the attackers were burying bodies by the truckloads in mass graves for weeks after, as well as throwing them in a nearby river and down mine shafts, either the missing four thousand Greenwood residents suddenly evaporated into thin air or the “36” killed figure is short two zeros. A young Paul Harvey described standing in his kitchen and watching out the window as truckload after truckload of dead bodies piled high went by his house for a week. A young Gene Autry described riding in a wagon that delivered wagonloads of dead bodies to various dumping places for a week. Despite Democrats trying for decades to deny it ever happened, enough live film footage and photographs exist along with actual survivors who came forward to recount the horrors of our nation’s BIGGEST RACIAL SLAUGHTER. One year later, the Ku Klux Klan membership in Tulsa had skyrocketed and their new headquarters building was the biggest in the Southeastern United States. One hundred years later, mass graves containing hundreds of bodies are still being found.

In a 1906 speech, Bartlett quoted Tillman as saying:

“Republicanism means Negro equality, while the Democratic Party means that the WHITE MAN IS SUPREME. That is why we Southerners are all Democrats.”12 Tulsa was a nearly 100 percent Democrat city.

As I said, there can be absolutely no doubt that Democrats BELIEVED they were INHERENTLY SUPERIOR to black people. And don’t forget, Northern Democrats were aiding and abetting their Southern counterparts every step of the way by supporting them in Congress.

Not to be outdone, Democrat Governor from Mississippi, James Vardaman, said he couldn’t believe President Roosevelt had invited “this NIGGER BASTARD into his home.”13   He said later that the White House had become “so saturated with the ODOR OF THE NIGGER that the rats have taken refuge in the stable.”13

According to historians Bruce Bartlett and C. Vann Woodard, Democrat Congressman Thomas E. Watson, from Georgia, was unequalled in his “scathing ridicule of ‘Negro Domination’ as the ‘stock-in-trade’ of the Southern (Democrat) demagogue.”14   In 1905, “Watson wrote an editorial attacking Booker T. Washington, undoubtedly the most respected black man in America.” Watson asked:

“What does civilization owe to the Negro?”  His answer:  “Nothing!  Nothing!!  NOTHING!!!”14

COMMENTS: It can’t be any clearer than that, about the difference between how Republicans viewed our black citizens versus the way Democrats viewed them. Not one Congressional Democrat spoke out against Tillman. In fact, it was just the opposite as other Democrat members of Congress ECHOED Tillman’s PRIDE in what their party did to black people and their white Republican supporters.  Like the violent psychopaths they were, and still are, they showed absolutely no remorse for their criminal actions, including the wanton slaughter of thousands upon thousands for political gain, and a complete lack of empathy for their many victims.  The Democratic Party LOVED THE USE OF VIOLENCE and once again, Northern Democrats were just as guilty as their Southern counterparts because they aided, abetted, and celebrated them every step of the way to maintain their power.  In other words and to quote their oldest Democrat terrorist group, the Ku Klux Klan, “BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.”

Tillman was right about one thing – “Republicanism” does mean Negro equality.  Our Republic guarantees each of us our “republican” rights which include personal rights and civil rights. It always has and still does, and yet, today’s Democrats have no problem calling Republicans racist and hurling racial invectives at black people who support the Republican Party. In fact, history through today shows that Democrats only respect black people when they support the Democratic Party, and then, just FOR SHOW.

How do you deal with an organization that refuses to tell the truth, which translates into moral difficulties in understanding the difference between right and wrong?  How do you tell someone that their entire political existence is based on a fantasy of “democracy” that doesn’t exist?”

On March 6, 1857, the Dred Scott Decision by the United States Supreme Court, in a 7-2 ruling (7 Democrats for, 2 Republicans against), said that black people were property and had no legal standing in court or anywhere else in the United States, including Northern and Western states.15 Democrat Chief Justice Roger B. Taney authored the Supreme Court’s majority opinion:

We think… that (black people) are not included, and were not intended to be included, under the word ‘citizens’ in the Constitution, and can therefore claim none of the rights and privileges that instrument provides for.”  He said black people were an inferior class of beings who had been subjugated by the dominant race (of white people) and “had no rights or privileges.”   Taney stated, even more emphatically, that black people were not only “regarded as beings of an inferior order,” but “so far inferior, they had no rights which the white man was bound to respect; and that the negro might justly and lawfully be reduced to slavery FOR HIS BENEFIT.”16 

Benefit? Once again, there can be absolutely no doubt whatsoever that Democrats BELIEVED they were RACIALLY SUPERIOR to black people and SHOULD HAVE CONTROL over black people.

Once again, words are important.  Just by declaring the words “we think,” without proof as an acceptable reason, Democrat Justices said “therefore…, which gave them wide latitude for fantasy and OPPRESSING BLACK PEOPLE EVEN MORE, in this case, opening up the entire country TO SLAVERY.  Democrats, pushing their rule-of-the-majority all-the-time FRAUD, utilized all of “democracy’s” associated evils including racism, lies, fantasy, hate, and violence – all things the Democratic Party has perfected and STILL USES

Historian and professor Dr. Joel Snell writes:

“Defenders of slavery argued that the sudden end to the slave economy would have had a profound and killing economic impact in the South where reliance on SLAVE LABOR was the FOUNDATION of their economy.”  Also, “Some slaveholders believed that African Americans were BIOLOGICALLY INFERIOR to their masters.  During the 1800’s this argument was taken quite seriously, even in scientific circles.”  Defenders of slavery argued that “slavery had existed throughout history and was the natural state of mankind.”  They put forth the notion that slaves were better cared for than “the free workers in the northern states.”  They even argued that “the institution of slavery was divine, and that it brought Christianity to the heathen from across the ocean.”  They advanced the idea that being a slave owner was “a noble calling and that slavery was “a good thing for the enslaved.”  John C. Calhoun, Jackson’s Vice President, said: “Never before has the black race of Central Africa, from the dawn of history to the present day, attained a condition so civilized and so improved, not only physically, but morally and intellectually.”17 

COMMENTS: The paragraph you just read is a perfect example of the sick fantasies that can be conjured up once you swallow the poisonous LIE of democracy. “We think” and “therefore” were all that Democrats needed to justify everything they wanted and by any means necessary. Can you imagine, for one moment, believing that slavery was a “natural state,” “divine,” “better,” “noble,” and “a good thing for the enslaved?”  Believing in their fantasy of democracy allowed them to justify anything. This is precisely why Republicans must use the first three Political Atomic Bombs, stated at the end of Chapter Four, every time they hear anyone describe our country as a democracy. It’s the only way we’re ever going to reclaim our Republic and bury the evil corpse of democracy once and for all.

Again, there can be no doubt whatsoever that Democrats BELIEVED they were BIOLOGICALLY (INHERENTLY) SUPERIOR to black people and that THEY SHOULD HAVE CONTROL over black people. That’s what slavery is.

Frederick Douglas, who escaped slavery at the age of twenty and went on to become a proud Republican, a national leader for the abolitionist movement, and a successful orator, writer, and statesman, tells a different story.  In his book, “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave,” he wrote on page forty-seven about how they weren’t told their birth date or how old they were as a way to maintain in their minds that they were less than human and nothing but property to white people; on page forty-eight about the dehumanizing aspect of slavery and how owners separated babies from their mother almost as soon as they were born, so they wouldn’t develop affection for anyone; and on page seventy-eight about how they were kept from learning to read and write so they wouldn’t become independent thinkers.  He wrote about the beating of Aunt Hester in chapter one, about the neighbor whipping his slaves Henrietta and Mary in chapter six, and about Thomas Auld’s cruelty to Henny in chapter nine as instances of FEROCIOUS VIOLENCE toward black women.  In chapter ten he wrote about an owner named Covey who whipped him so regularly that his wounds didn’t have time to heal.  Douglas said the frequent beatings broke his body, soul, and spirit.18

On November 6, 1860, Abraham Lincoln was elected our first Republican president.  After eight consecutive presidents who supported slavery and white supremacy, the Democratic Party REFUSED TO ACCEPT the election of a Republican.  (Sound familiar?)  Trampling on our Constitution once again, eleven Democrat-controlled Southern States violated the law by seceding from the Union and on April 12, 1861, a Democrat-backed militia committed documented TREASON, as defined by Article III, Section 3 of our United States Constitution, by firing on United States troops at Fort Sumter, South Carolina, starting a Civil War that lasted four years and left upwards of one million American citizens either DEAD or MISSING in action.19,20 

From their party’s founding in 1828 until the Civil War ended for most purposes on April 9, 1865 with Lee’s surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia, a period that includes the presidential election of 1864, the Democratic Party, including both Northern and Southern Democrats, remained UNANIMOUS in only nominating candidates for president who supported SLAVERY and WHITE SUPREMACY, most of whom owned slaves as well.21  

Southern Democrats weren’t at the Democratic National Convention of 1864 that was held in Chicago.  Though many Northern Democrats fought for the Union Army to preserve the Union, they were still all-in on issues of SLAVERY and WHITE SUPREMACY, nominating a candidate who believed in both.

COMMENTS: In addition to brainwashing Americans into believing the words democracy and republic mean the same thing, the Democratic Party is trying to rewrite history by various means, including Critical Race Theory, in an attempt to make themselves look better. (Remember – lying is the number one trait of psychopaths.) Just as Democrats have gained control our educational system, so too are they trying to gain control of our Supreme Court’s number one resource for the definition of words and phrases – Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary. The following definitions of racism, racist, white supremacy, and white supremacist were taken from Merriam-Webster’s on the dates stated, in the probable event that Democrats succeed in rewriting their definitions in another attempt to absolve themselves of their party’s documented evil history.

As of March 29, 2021, Merriam-Webster’s defines the following:

Racism: “a BELIEF that race is a fundamental determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an INHERENT SUPERIORITY of a particular race.”  And, “the systemic oppression of a racial group to the social, economic, and political advantage of another,” and, “specifically: WHITE SUPREMACY.” Also, “a political or social system FOUNDED ON RACISM.” 

White Supremacy: “the BELIEF that the white race is INHERENTLY SUPERIOR to other races (i.e., racism) and that white people should have CONTROL over people of other races,” (i.e. via slavery, segregation, intimidation, disenfranchisement, terrorism, economic deprivation, perpetual welfare dependency, etc.).

White Supremacist: “a PERSON who BELIEVES that the white race is INHERENTLY SUPERIOR to other races (i.e., racism) and that white people should have CONTROL over people of other races,” (i.e., via slavery, segregation, intimidation, disenfranchisement, terrorism, economic deprivation, perpetual welfare dependency, etc.).

In other words, a white supremacist is someone who believes in white supremacy.

As of July 9, 2021, Merriam-Webster’s defines the following:

Racist:SOMEONE who holds the BELIEF that race is a fundamental determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an INHERENT SUPERIORITY of a particular race.”

In other words, a racist is someone who believes in racism and the word racism, as we saw above, can be defined as: “a political or social system FOUNDED ON RACISM.”

Please note there are NO EXPIRATION DATES in the definitions of racism, white supremacy, white supremacist, or racist.  According to Merriam-Webster’s, the word racist can be used as a noun or an adjective.  Also, system means, “a political organization,” and, organization means, “a political party.”  Therefore, a definition for the word racist can be written as: “a political party FOUNDED ON RACISM.” 

The DEMOCRATIC PARTY is a political party that was FOUNDED on BELIEFS in slavery, white supremacy, and racism, meaning, it was FOUNDED ON RACISM.  By the very definition of the word, the Democratic Party is RACIST.  Let me repeat that:

POLITICAL ATOMIC BOMB #7: The Democratic Party is RACIST!

My conclusion is NOT an opinion.  It’s based on real, unqualified, and incontestable, documented historical facts as well as accepted definitions from the Supreme Court’s favorite dictionary for the definitions of words and phrases. In other words, it’s the undeniable truth, meaning, BEYOND ANY SHADOW OF A DOUBT

Merriam-Webster’s defines inherent as: “essential character of something.”  (Remember, essential means it’s a “must have” and “indispensable” which means absolutely necessary.”) In other words, they can’t exist without it.  Since the Democratic Party has been racist from its beginning in 1828, it’s also INHERENTLY RACIST. 

Here’s what these ugly truths, based on fact and reality, mean for today’s members of the confirmed RACIST Democratic Party.

As covered earlier in this website, the phrase to aid and abet means: “to assist another by words or conduct actively, knowingly, and intentionally.”  Also, “An aider and abettor will be liable as a principal, an accessory before the fact, or an accessory after the fact.”22   Meaning, someone who aids and abets is JUST AS GUILTY as the one they’re aiding and abetting, whether they aid and abet before, during, or after the fact.  Hence, my statements earlier that Northern Democrats are JUST AS GUILTY as their Southern counterparts when it comes to slavery and segregation, because they aided and abetted them EVERY STEP OF THE WAY to maintain their power BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY including the used of lies and brutal violence.

What kind of person would intentionally aid and abet a confirmed racist organization?   I can think of only two kinds.  Either they know the organization is racist and still support it, which means they’re intentionally aiding and abetting racism which makes them a SELF-ADMITTED racist, or, giving them the benefit of the doubt for the time being, they don’t know, even though they’re still aiding and abetting racism which makes them an IGNORANT racist.

Merriam-Webster’s defines ignorant as: “lacking knowledge or education.”  

The problem becomes that whether they’re self-admitted racists or ignorant racists, either way THEY’RE RACISTS!  Therefore, whether you can handle the truth or not:


This means that no matter who the Democrat is or what the Democrat says or does – they’re intentionally AIDING AND ABETTING a confirmed RACIST ORGANIZATION and, whether self-admitted or ignorant, THEY’RE RACIST!

What does this startling revelation say about all of our educators who are Democrats?  What would they rather be called, a self-admitted RACIST or an ignorant RACIST?  Neither one is good for our children or our country.

In cases of law, ignorance of law means: “want (lack) of knowledge of those laws which a person has a DUTY to know and which everyman is PRESUMED to know.  Ignorance can be voluntary or involuntary.  It is (considered) voluntary when a person might by taking reasonable pains could have acquired the necessary knowledge.23 

Merriam-Webster’s defines the word maxim as: “a general truth, fundamental principle, or rule of conduct.”

Also covered earlier in this website, “Ignorantia juris non excusat” and “Ignorantia legis neminem excusat” are Latin maxims which mean: “ignorance of the law does not excuse,” and, “ignorance of the law excuses no one.”  The rationale for these maxims is the following: if ignorance of the law was an accepted excuse, then no one could be prosecuted for anything, because all they would have to do is plead ignorance, whether it was common sense or not.22 

This begs the question – why would any educator choose to remain ignorant about a political party they support?  That very thought raises an even bigger question – why would any decent parent want their child to be taught by an ignorant teacher who aids and abets a confirmed racist organization?  Giving that parent the benefit of the doubt for the time being, it must be that they, too, are ignorant.  That’s not good either and would be yet another SCATHING INDICTMENT of our educational system that’s controlled by the Democratic Party.

Or, there’s one other possible conclusion that’s probably a lot more accurate.  Since ALL American citizens who aid and abet the Democratic Party are supposed to be educated and have taken United States history at some point, there is NO EXCUSE for anyone to not know the truth about the Democratic Party.  In other words, all Democrats are SELF-ADMITTED RACISTS who know the truth and CHOOSE TO LIE, IGNORE IT, AND ACCUSE SOMEONE ELSE.

Therefore: If our nation remains racist today, as Democrats often charge, they have only to LOOK IN THE MIRROR FOR THE REASON WHY! 

What else can we expect from an organization that is both inherently racist and psychopathic?  Are we fools for continuing to put up with their democracy FRAUD? And even greater fools for expecting their related behavior to change on its own any time soon?  Republicans already HAVE the cure and AREN’T USING IT.  What does that say about us? Are we too intimidated to SPEAK THE TRUTH?

Footnotes – Chapter Six: The Democratic Party’s Inherent Racism

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