Chapter Five: The Democratic Party’s Inherent Psychopathy

In Chapter One we examined the confusion democracy theorists are having trying to make sense of what they consider democracy’s “ontological pluralism,” or what they more accurately describe as its “unbridled relativism,” meaning, a disturbing mindset fantasy that accepts anywhere from 2,234 to 260,000-plus descriptions of democracy based on “insufficiently factual studies and unproved assumptions that allow for multiple kinds of reality.”

Don’t feel bad if that sounds confusing, because it is. Can you imagine living with that many different kinds of reality? No wonder Democrats are confused and miserable much of the time. For most of us, living one reality is difficult enough. Good Lord, even Walt Disney didn’t have 2,234 different kinds of make-believe, never mind reality. 

Then we went into great detail in Chapter Two explaining the unanimous contempt our Founding Fathers had for democracy as a form of government and why they chose to create a Republic. In Chapter Three we explained in even greater detail why it’s impossible for a nation to be both a democracy and a republic, meaning, they’re mutually exclusive forms of government. And finally in Chapter Four we covered a brief history of the Democratic Party’s continuing use of violence and why re-educating Americans about the LIE of democracy and the TRUTH of republicanism is critically important for our nation’s survival.

As promised on the Home Page, the rest of this website goes right for the throat.

We know that no organization is perfect, in that certain members stray and cast a bad light on the vast majority who mean to do good.  That includes well-known organizations like our nation’s military, our teachers, our police forces, our doctors, our nurses, our religious leaders, our many charitable causes, and others. 

But… when an ENTIRE organization CONTINUOUSLY RESORTS TO VIOLENCE, either directly or by aiding and abetting, and the overwhelming majority of its members not only follow blindly, but are proud of and brag about their monstrous deeds, then the WHOLE ORGANIZATION is far worse than imperfect – it’s closer to being EVIL.  Case in point – the Democratic Party.  To quote Jeremiah 5:28 in the Bible: “They know no bounds in deeds of evil.”

This was mentioned in the last chapter but has a direct bearing on the subject of this chapter. The Democratic Party was founded on the racism of slavery and white supremacy, the very definition of the word racist. After being DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for the loss of upwards of one million American lives in the Civil War, the ENTIRE Democratic Party, including both Northern and Southern Democrats, ignored our Constitution and quickly resumed its evil, racist ways. In everything, and I do mean everything, including all the BRUTAL VIOLENCE that followed the War, they marched in lockstep. Their many paramilitary TERRORIST organizations alone, of which the Ku Klux Klan was their first and most famous, continued with the WANTON SLAUGHTER of thousands of black citizens and white Republicans, including men, women and defenseless children, in MASSACRE AFTER MASSACRE.

Between 1865 and 1965 alone, Democrat terrorist organizations used tactics that included, but are not limited to, physical intimidation, armed threats, chasing people, slapping them, punching them, kicking them, clubbing them, knocking them down, dragging them behind horses and vehicles, nailing them to buildings, shooting them for sport, having picnic hangings, dismembering them for fun, burying them alive, burning them alive, burning crosses on lawns, kidnappings, beatings, whippings, maimings, public floggings, more burnings – including crops, vehicles, inhabitants, and entire communities like Rosewood, Florida; Greenwood, Oklahoma; Wilmington, North Carolina; and many others, tarring and feathering, ballot box stuffing, other forms of election fraud committed at gunpoint hundreds of times, inciting violent riots, bombings, lootings, violent coup d’états, rapes, stabbings, ambushes, mass shootings, sexual mutilations, assassinations, lynching thousands, massacring many thousands more, and other savage, heinous, and inhumane forms of HARASSMENT, TORTURE, and MOB VIOLENCE directed mostly toward black people and white Republicans, and all in the name of democracy.

The racist institution of segregation, that included Black Codes, Jim Crow laws, lynching thousands, massacring many thousands more, disenfranchising millions, and violently enforced white supremacy that were carried out by the ENTIRE Democratic Party between 1865 and 1965, has been the DIRECT CAUSE of EVERY VIOLENT RACE RIOT we’ve had since the Civil War. This means that over the last 156 years THROUGH TODAY, the Democratic Party, alone, has been directly responsible for hundreds upon hundreds of violent race riots that have set race relations in our country back MORE THAN 100 years.

We’ll get to this in a later chapter, but it also has direct bearing on the subject of this chapter. On December 24, 1865, the Ku Klux Klan was formed in Pulaski, Tennessee by a group of ex-Confederate soldiers, all Democrats, including some who went on to become prominent politicians. In less than one year it quickly morphed from a secret social fraternity into a VIOLENT paramilitary arm of the Democratic Party.  Its first official leader, and the only Grand Wizard of all state-wide Klan organizations, was none other than the “BUTCHER” of Fort Pillow himself, ex-Confederate General – Nathan Bedford Forrest. The Klan’s stated goals, throughout the South, were to maintain white supremacy and OVERTHROW Republican leadership “BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.” They were aided and abetted by Northern Democrats every step of the way. One of their main objectives was to DESTROY all policies that elevated the rights of black people.1 

During the war, Union General William Tecumseh Sherman, who’s march to the sea from Atlanta split the Confederacy in half, said he was more worried about facing Forrest than any other general in the Confederate Army and with good reason. As history records, Forrest did more with less than anyone on either side and is the only Confederate general who was never defeated in a battle where he commanded the field. After the war, Robert E. Lee said Forrest was the best general on either side.2 Under Forrest’s leadership, the KKK quickly grew to 40,000 members in Tennessee alone, and 550,000 members in the Southern states. 3,4

While most of the Klan’s EVIL SAVAGE RAIDS were conducted under the cover of darkness, many were carried out openly in broad daylight.  Targets included newly-freed blacks, their white Republican supporters, their political leaders, and their school teachers.  Following the assassination of Abraham Lincoln by a Democratic Party supporter, Democrat President Andrew Johnson did absolutely NOTHING to prevent the Klan from carrying out its stated mission. So successful was the KKK under Forrest, that by the time it was temporarily curtailed by the Republican-passed Ku Klux Klan Acts of 1870 and two in 1871, under Republican President Ulysses S. Grant who took office in March 1869, it had already spawned DOZENS of copycat terrorist organizations that would continue the Klan’s mission. Depending upon which Southern state you were in, these groups included names like the Red Shirts, White Liners, White Faces, White League, White Brotherhood, Knights of the White Camellia, Knights of the Rising Sun, the Regulators, the Pale Faces, the Redeemers, and the Constitutional Guards among others.  Most were filled with ex-Klan members and their goal was the same, to enforce white supremacy “by any means necessary.”  In fact, these copycat groups took the Klan’s use of VIOLENCE to new heights, both in the staggering number of victims and the scope and severity of their methods.

Democrat revisionists have LIED FOR DECADES and tried to REWRITE HISTORY, not only about who created the Ku Klux Klan, but also about Forrest’s direct involvement with the Klan. Hard evidence, though, proves their guilt BEYOND ANY SHADOW OF A DOUBT, including words from the horse’s mouth.5,6,7,8,9,10,11 In addition to copious documentation from other public figures that unequivocally proves who started and controlled the Klan, including Forrest’s leadership role, the United States Congress has a thirteen-volume set of congressional investigations that total 7,012 pages and can be seen in its entirety at “Ku Klux Klan Conspiracy 1871 Congressional Testimony Documents (”. They include eyewitness testimonies and confessions from leading Democrats, including Forrest himself, who swore under oath that the Ku Klux Klan was their creation and worked for them, proving conclusively and irrefutably that the Ku Klux Klan was conceived of, operated by, and existed for the sole benefit of DEMOCRATS.

That Forrest was a military genius is recorded history.  So great was his command of military strategy, especially during engagement, that he was the only soldier on either side, during the war, who rose from the rank of private to becoming a general.  Given that his military tactics are still being taught to army cadets at West Point, there can be little doubt as to his ability to evaluate, organize, and direct subordinates in their mission.  Even though Forrest served as Grand Wizard for only three years, his ability to recruit and train is unquestioned.12  By 1877, the year that Forrest died at the age of 56, the Klan’s mission will be one hundred percent successful and Democrats will have ILLEGALLY and VIOLENTLY regained control of every Southern state, setting civil rights for black people back MORE THAN ONE HUNDRED YEARS.  Except for Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant, who were both Republicans, no Civil War figure has had a greater lasting impact than Democrat Nathan Bedford Forrest, unfortunately, IN THE WRONG DIRECTION. Forrest was a confirmed lifelong Democrat and a Tennessee delegate to the Democratic Party’s National Convention of 1868, that took place in New York City, where he was the toast of the town among Democrats and honored by the ENTIRE Democratic Party, both Northern and Southern Democrats, as the Klan’s Grand Wizard.13

Thanks to Forrest and his fellow Democrats, the Ku Klux Klan has been named our nation’s oldest terrorist group and subsequently our oldest hate group. In reality, those dishonors belong to the Democratic Party whose members created the Klan while the ENTIRE Democratic Party supported the Klan.

So great was the Democratic Party’s continued affection for the Klan’s evil ways, that the 1924 Democratic National Convention in New York City became known as the “Klanbake.” During the convention, thousands of Klan members held a rally at a nearby site and even the left-leaning, fact-checking website Snopes admits, “It’s well documented that there was a Klan presence at the convention aimed at influencing its outcome” and “as many as 300 delegates were card-carrying Klansmen, according to Arnold S. Rice’s The Ku Klux Klan in American Politics.” (See

As mentioned several other places in this website, in the last five years alone, since Donald Trump first announced his candidacy for president, Democrats continued their evil use of violence with upwards of 100 separate physical attacks committed against Republican members of Congress and upwards of 1,000 separate physical attacks committed against rank and file Republicans, with some almost beaten to death, others shot or shot at, and some murdered. During this time, Democrat leaders openly CALLED FOR MORE violence against Republicans including the assassination of President Trump.

Merriam-Webster’s defines the word evil as: “morally reprehensible, sinful, wicked, inferior, offensive, disagreeable, causing harm, pernicious (meaning DEADLY), as in the EVIL institution of SLAVERY.” 

The word psychopath is defined as: “a mentally unstable person, ESPECIALLY: a person having an egocentric (selfish) and antisocial personality marked by a lack of remorse for one’s actions, an absence of empathy for others, and often criminal tendencies.”

Almost from the day their party was founded in 1828, Democrats have wrought nearly 200 years of CONTINUAL VIOLENCE against the American people, during which time they have openly violated the laws of society and humanity by PHYSICALLY ATTACKING those who oppose them. A person doesn’t have to be a professional fireman to recognize a forest fire, nor a badge-carrying policeman to recognize criminal violence.  We also don’t have to be a licensed psychologist to examine what psychopathy is and why it seems inherent in the psyche of the Democratic Party

In their 193-yearslong SELFISH pursuit of power, Democrats have continually exhibited the following “identifiable group of signs or symptoms”: a CALLOUS UNCONCERN for the welfare, feelings, and rights of others; displaying absolutely NO EMPATHY for their many victims; resorting to CRIMINAL VIOLENCE whenever it suited their purpose; showing NO REMORSE whatsoever for all the evil, violent terror they’ve unleashed on our nation; and REFUSING TO ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY OF IT.  In other words, and once again, their actions have been textbook examples of a PSYCHOPATH

To further understand the Democratic Party’s twisted mindset, we’ll begin by understanding the difference between a mental disorder and a mental illness.

Merriam-Webster’s defines disorder as: “to disturb (interrupt) the regular or normal functions of.”

The American Heritage Stedman’s Medical Dictionary defines disorder in medicine as: “a disturbance (interruption) or derangement that affects the function of mind or body, such as an eating disorder or the abuse of a drug.”

It seems that a mental disorder, in the strict sense, would be an interruption that affects a person’s regular or normal function of the mind, meaning it’s probably neither hereditary nor permanent and has a good chance to be avoided or successfully treated/corrected in the future. 

On the other hand, Merriam-Webster’s defines the word illness as: “a specific disease.”  It defines pathology as: “the study of the essential nature of diseases and especially of the structural and functional changes produced by them.”

Stedman’s also defines illness in medicine as disease, meaning: “a pathological condition of a body part, an organ (such as the brain), or a system resulting from various causes, such as infection, genetic defect, or environmental stress, and characterized by an IDENTIFIABLE GROUP OF SIGNS OR SYMPTOMS.” 

From the previous chapters we know the words essential and especially mean “absolutely necessary.”  Therefore, a mental illness, in the strict sense, is a pathological condition of the brain.  Rather than being merely an interruption that can be treated or corrected, it’s more or less permanent, like a genetic defect, meaning it’s INHERENT

It should make sense that if a person’s psychopathy was severe enough, they could become a societal problem all by themselves.  It should also make sense that if their psychopathy was a milder form, meaning they were predisposed to becoming a societal problem, the environmental stress brought on by associating with those who have a more severe psychopathy might easily lead them astray, creating a herd or lynch mob mentality.

Journalist Natasha Tracy summed it up perfectly in an article when she wrote: “The difference between “mental disorder” and “mental illness then is one of considering the ORIGIN of the condition. 14 

No matter how you look at what Democrats have done to people throughout their long history of enslaving others, committing documented treason that left upwards of one million Americans either dead or missing in action, disregarding laws, committing documented election fraud hundreds of times, publicly supporting and creating numerous terrorist organizations, using violent methods to disenfranchise millions, lynching thousands, burning entire communities to the ground and shooting hundreds of residents, and in one case thousands, as they tried to escape, enforcing segregation and white supremacy with even more-brutal violence, being directly responsible for the hundreds upon hundreds of violent race riots all over the country that have looted, burned, and destroyed property while killing more people, publicly threatening the supreme court, physically attacking Republican supporters of President Trump and Republican politicians, publicly calling for even more violence against them, publicly calling for the assassination of our president, and attempting to remove a duly elected president by fraudulent means, those are NOT THE ACTIONS of a normal, well-adjusted, and mentally stable organization.  Those are closer to the actions of a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION.

COMMENTS: Given that Democrats have been nothing if not consistent in their willingness to lie, their selfish pursuit of power, their callous unconcern for others, their continual use of criminal violence, their total lack of empathy for their victims, their complete lack of remorse for their actions, and in their steadfast refusal to accept responsibility for any of it, there is absolutely NO WAY that the term psychopathic doesn’t apply to its OVERALL PSYCHE.  Putting it in even stronger terms, the Democratic Party is the poster child of a PSYCHOPATHIC ORGANIZATION.

In case you think I’m being overly critical, on November 24, 2020, three weeks after the recent presidential election, journalist Richard Moorhead wrote an article for Big League Politics titled: “March Study Points to Pervasive Mental Illness Among White American Liberals,” i.e., Democrats.  The article quotes a PEW Survey done in March 2020 that showed 64.4 percent of white Americans, who classify themselves as liberal or very liberal, admit to having been diagnosed with an actual MENTAL HEALTH CONDITION. That’s almost two out of every three white Democrats who admit to having mental problems. According to an article by the Mayo Clinic at Mental illness – Symptoms and causes – Mayo Clinic, mental illness “refers to a wide range of mental health conditions.” Also, that “mental illnesses, in general, are thought to be caused by a variety of genetic and environmental factors,” which mirrors the definitions from Merriam-Webster’s and Stedman’s Medical Terminology mentioned earlier. This is not good news for our country.

The final 2020 election results show that Democrat President Joe Biden received 81.3 million votes.15   According to PEW Research, 60 percent, or 48.8 million, were from white people.16  Of that figure, 47 percent, or 22.9 million, classified themselves as liberal or very liberal.17  Of those, 64.4 percent, or 14.7 million, admitted to having been diagnosed with mental health problems.  That equates to 18 percent of the total Democrat Vote, but since the Liberal wing of the Democratic Party is running things, the 18 percent IS IN CONTROL.  That may not sound like much, but according to historian Dietrich Orlow in his book titled, “The Nazi Party 1919-1945: A Complete History,” at the height of Hitler’s power, when Germany was running all over Europe killing people and exterminating Jews left and right, only 6.5 million of Germany’s 52 million adults were NAZI’s, or 12.5 percent and they were in control.18 What makes the current Democratic Party scary, is that their 18 percent has admitted to having MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEMS and they’re in control.  For an ENTIRE organization that has a continual history of exhibiting psychopathic behavior, to have those in control admitting they have mental problems doesn’t bode well for the future of our country.

According to Berit Brogaard, who’s a professor of philosophy and the Director of the Brogaard Lab for Multisensory Research at the University of Miami, psychologists describe the “Dark Triad” which “refers to a trio of negative personality traits – narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy – which share some common malevolent features.”  19

Merriam-Webster’s defines malevolent as: “showing intense often VICIOUS ILL WILL, SPITE, or HATRED” and, “producing HARM OR EVIL.”

Brogaard says people who exhibit these malevolent features, or “dark” traits, “tend to be callous (UNCARING and INSENSITIVE) and manipulative, willing to do or say practically anything (LYING) to get their way.”   They’re “shameless… impulsive and may engage in dangerous behavior (VIOLENCE) – in some cases, even committing crime (CRIMINAL ACTIONS) – without any regard (NO REMORSE or EMPATHY) for how their actions affect others.”19

Brogaard also says that “researchers consider PSYCHOPATHY” to be “the ‘DARKEST’ of the Dark Triad, followed by Machiavellianism” which describes “a master manipulator (CON ARTIST and PATHOLOGICAL LIAR) and conniving (IMMORAL) individual who deceives and tricks others (commits FRAUD) to achieve their goals,” and Narcissism which “is characterized by excessive self-regard and heightened arrogance.” 19

Dr. Robert D. Hare is a world-renowned psychologist who’s considered to be the GREATEST LIVING EXPERT in psychopathic personalities.  His “Hare Psychopathy Checklist PCL-R” is used worldwide and covers the twenty most common traits of a psychopath and is considered to be the leading diagnostic tool used to determine if someone is on the psychopathy spectrum.  A recent study done by Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada on data collected through early 2020, concluded: the checklist “always shows high consistency, validity, and reliability.” 20

According to an article titled, “The Hare Psychopathy Checklist with 20 Most Common Traits of a Psychopath,” the Hare checklist categorizes traits into four different areas.21 

The first are interpersonal traits that include their most common trait of PATHALOGICAL LYING. 21 Psychopaths lie at the drop of a hat, both to cover their ongoing deviant behavior and to SHIFT THE BLAME for their wrongdoings onto someone else in an effort to make themselves look good.  Here they exude a glibness and SUPERFICIAL CHARM that exaggerates their already immense sense of self-worth in order to MANIPULATE others.  Psychopaths make excellent CON MEN

As with most businesses or organizations, looking at their leaders will tell you a lot – case in point, the many Democrat leaders who exhibited their psychopathic behavior by verbally supporting slavery, segregation, white supremacy, and the brutal actions of their many violent paramilitary organizations beginning with the Ku Klux Klan, in 1865, through today.

Remember, the legal phrase “to aid and abet” means: “To assist another person in the commission of a crime by words or conduct actively, knowingly, and intentionally.” After failing to condemn the violence being used by rioters for more than three months, in August 2020 Democrat Vice President Kamala Harris offered verbal support for more rioting by posting this on her Twitter account: “If you’re able to, chip in now to the @MNFreedomFund to help post bail for those protesting on the ground in Minnesota.22 When called out by many who were disgusted by her behavior, she denied what she had, in fact, done, hoping followers would either forgive her for lying or be too dumb to know. Within weeks of her public encouragement, MNFF went from receiving only $100,000 in donations for all of 2018 to more than $35 million that was used to bail out violent protesters, looters, vandals, a man with multiple rape convictions, a rioter who shot at police, a woman accused of killing her friend, and other dangerous criminals. According to journalist Ben Sellers of Headline USA, “Because there is nothing at stake for these alleged felons, there is little impetus for them to return to honor the bail agreement – as is the purpose of putting money on the line to ensure a return to trial. As a result, many have since become untraceable, and the organization has refused to cooperate with efforts to provide more transparency.23 MNFF claims its purpose is to promote freedom but thanks to Harris’ generosity of spirit, Minneapolis crime has skyrocketed and according to Sellers, “has taken a particularly harsh toll on the same vulnerable communities MNFF claims to be protecting.”

A PEW Research poll taken September 8-13, 2020 shows that 88 percent of current Democrats APPROVE OF THE VIOLENCE being used by one of their modern-day paramilitary organizations, Black Lives Matter, and refer to them as “peaceful protests.”24 On August 8, 2019, CBS News, no friend of the Republican Party, wrote that all twenty-three Democrat candidates for president REFUSED TO CONDEMN the brutal violence of Antifa, another Far Left terrorist organization, referring to those as “peaceful protests.”25

COMMENTS: As long as Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and other Far Left organizations vote Democrat, the Democratic Party sees their brutal violence as “peaceful protests” and has no problem with their terrorist violence, just like they had no problem when their Ku Klux Klan and a dozen other Democrat terrorist organizations were looting and killing. The Democratic Party HAS NOT CHANGED.

Democrat President Joe Biden is an excellent example of psychopathy. Throughout his entire career, Biden has demonstrated his psychopathic behavior by exhibiting a distinct talent for “pathological lying” to make himself look good, Machiavellianism to manipulate and con others, and narcissistic tendencies of “excessive self-regard and heightened arrogance.” 

An article written thirty-three years ago in 1987, by journalist Evans Witt for AP News, presented a videotape aired by C-SPAN that shows “Biden lying repeatedly” when asked about his law school credentials.26 According to Witt, Biden was clearly angered by the question and responded by bullying and insulting the questioner and then lying.  Said Biden:

“I think I probably have a much higher IQ than you do,” and then, according to Witt, started lying to prove it. 

“I wanted to stay and went back to law school and in fact ended up in the top half of my class.”  In fact, at the end of three years, he graduated 76th in a class of 85, or in the BOTTOM 11 PERCENT of his law school class.

“I went to (Syracuse) law school on a full academic scholarship.”  In fact, he received only $800, $400 of which was to be a dorm supervisor. NOT EVEN CLOSE to a “full academic scholarship.”

“I won the international moot-court competition.”  In fact, there is NO EVIDENCE ANYWHERE of him winning any moot-court competition.

“I was the outstanding student in the political science department” (University of Delaware).  In fact, he was NOT the outstanding student in the political science department at the University of Delaware.  Someone else won the department’s “political science award,” as the outstanding student.

And, “I graduated with three degrees from undergraduate school.”  In fact, he graduated with ONLY ONE degree from undergraduate school, not three.

Biden finished by insulting the questioner again.  “And I’d be delighted to sit back and compare my IQ to yours if you’d like, Frank.”26

All five of Biden’s statements were BLATANT LIES.  When confronted with the truth later, Biden told the New York Times he was “frustrated” and “angry as hell,” obviously for the fact he was caught lying multiple times, and then LIED AGAIN and said: “I exaggerate when I’m angry, but I’ve never gone around telling people things that aren’t true about me,”26 which is EXACTLY WHAT HE DID to the original questioner AND AGAIN when confronted with the truth – he told people LIES. Witt also reported that when confronted with more evidence later, about his meager law school credentials, Biden finally confessed to COMMITTING PLAGIARISM during his first year and having to retake the class

Merriam-Webster’s defines plagiarism as: “to commit literary THEFT” by stealing “ideas or words of another without crediting the source.”  In other words, Biden shows overwhelming evidence of being both a pathological liar and a thief.

Can you imagine the field day the press would have with a Republican presidential candidate who lied like Biden?

Regarding the videotape, journalist James R. Dickenson of the Washington Post wrote that Biden “admitted yesterday that some of his boasts about his college academic achievements were untrue.”27 

Untrue?  Merriam-Webster’s defines lie as: “to make an untrue statement with INTENT TO DECEIVE,” which is exactly what Biden did.  He LIED with intent to deceive and then admitted he was a LIAR. Dickenson quoted a United Press International report on the videotape, in which Biden said: “I went to law school on a full academic scholarship, the only one in my class to have a full academic scholarship.”27   Dickenson also reported that Biden’s “undergraduate records show that he graduated from Delaware 506th in a class of 688 with barely a “C” average.”27   In other words, in the BOTTOM 26 PERCENT of his class. 

COMMENTS: Biden, like other Democrats who believe in their fantasy of democracy and everything being relative, is usually confused, to be polite, thinking bottom 12 percent means top half, one means three, and republic means democracy.  Maybe that’s what happens when you’re comfortable with 2,234 descriptions of democracy based on insufficiently factual studies and unproved assumptions that allow for multiple kinds of reality. In other words, if you live in “la la” land.  One thing is certain: If only one person in Biden’s entire class of 688 students received a “full academic scholarship,” it sure as hell wasn’t him.

Dickenson supported Witt’s writing by revealing that Biden “faced disciplinary action on a charge of PLAGIARIZING part of a law school paper as a freshman.” Dickenson ended his article with this:

“Biden took issue with a report in The Philadelphia Inquirer that questioned his claim that he had made a speech at his high school commencement ‘welcoming’ his graduating classmates and that while in high school he and some friends left a restaurant that refused to serve a black classmate.”27 

According to Dickenson, the newspaper quoted the school’s headmaster, the valedictorian of Biden’s class, and the black classmate who was supposedly refused service.  All three said they had NO MEMORY of the events. 27  In other words, Biden was TELLING LIES AGAIN.

Journalist Carmine Sabia wrote an article for The Western Journal almost thirty-three years later on January 31, 2020, in which he compared what Biden plagiarized to the original words of British Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock, titled: “Devastating 30-Year-Old Video Shows Biden Being Caught Repeatedly Lying for 5 Minutes Straight.” 28  He also discovered that Biden copied, almost verbatim (plagiarized), things from another speech made by Robert Kennedy about what the gross national product cannot measure.  In fact, according to Sabia, in the video clip of Biden fessing up, “Biden admits to plagiarizing five pages from SOMEONE ELSE when he was in law school without accreditation.”28  Said Sabia:

“This is who Biden is: a man who will say and do anything to get elected.  And you don’t have to believe us.  Just listen to HIS OWN WORDS.”  And this: “He is a STONE-COLD LIAR.”28

Luke Savage is a staff writer for Jacobin Magazine, a leading voice for the American left that includes the Democratic Party.  It must have been a painful day for him when, on March 30, 2020, he wrote a long article highlighting many of Biden’s LIES, some of which he reintroduced on his recent presidential campaign.  According to Savage, Biden told people that since he ceased being vice president, he’d been a professor and a teacher at the University of Pennsylvania, when in fact he NEVER TAUGHT ONE CLASS.29 

Savage also admitted that liberal media outlets have “deliberately not reported” on Biden’s MANY LIES, particularly the whopper he told the previous summer.  Savage wrote:

“Though hastily forgotten, if indeed many noticed it at all, Biden last summer spun an elaborate tale about visiting Afghanistan to honor a Naval officer who he said had rappelled down a ravine while under fire to retrieve the body of a fellow soldier.  ‘This is God’s truth,’ Biden said, ‘My word as a Biden.’  But as the Washington Post, having investigated the story, put it at the time: ‘Almost EVERY DETAIL in the story appears to be INCORRECT… it appears as though the former vice president has jumbled elements of at least three actual events into one story of bravery, compassion and regret that NEVER HAPPENED… The upshot: In the space of three minutes, Biden got the time period, the location, the heroic act, the type of medal, the military branch and the rank of the recipient WRONG, as well as his own role in the ceremony.”29

COMMENTS: It appears that “God’s truth” and “my word as a Biden” are perfect examples of an oxymoron – two things that can’t happen at the same time.

According to Savage, Biden has CONTINUED TO LIE about different things, like when he “claimed several times to have been ‘arrested’ in the 1970s while ‘trying to see’ Nelson Mandela in prison, a claim that seems to have been ENTIRELY FABRICATED.  During a separate town hall event this month Biden also insisted he’d cosponsored the Endangered Species Act (HE DIDN’T).  Over the course of the campaign, Biden has elsewhere LIED about the circumstances surrounding his vote for the 2003 invasion of Iraq and revived an old FALSEHOOD that he ‘came out of’ the Civil Rights Movement.”29

Falsehood?  Falsehood is defined as: “an untrue statement: LIE.”  Biden revived an old LIE with intent to deceive.

Savage, sticking to his Democratic Party talking points, said, of course, that he wasn’t implying that conservative news outlets might do a better job of reporting, “but rather to point out a wider problem with America’s media ecosystem and help answer the most pressing and obvious question in relation to all of this: namely, why so few liberals (or primary voters) seem to know or care that the Democratic frontrunner has spent the past year or so LYING THROUGH HIS TEETH.”29

COMMENTS: What a stupid question. Savage knows exactly why it doesn’t bother liberals, because as he said, the liberal press has “DELIBERATELY not reported” on Biden’s many lies. Interesting to note that Savage, being steeped in Democratic Party half-truths, illusions of truth, and 2,234 meanings of democracy based on insufficiently factual studies and unproved assumptions that allow for multiple kinds of reality, refuses to place the blame squarely where it belongs – on the shoulders of the LIBERAL MEDIA, instead, spreading the blame for their OBVIOUS BIAS to “America’s media ecosystem” which includes conservative news outlets.  The liberal media does this intentionally so they can continue their biased coverage while pointing the finger at someone else, a proven favorite tactic of psychopathic manipulators to make themselves look better. Thus, Savage won’t admit that conservative news outlets might do a better job of reporting, but there’s no need, when it’s something that’s been READILY EVIDENT FOR DECADES.  My answer to his question is this – lying through their teeth, to make themselves look better, and spreading the blame instead of taking responsibility for their own actions, are EXACTLY what PSYCHOPATHIC manipulators and PATHOLOGICAL liars do.

Spreading the blame is something the Democratic Party does a lot of when talking about racism and for the same reason.  Democrats always spread the blame to all white Americans, when, in fact, it was THEIR party, the DEMOCRATIC Party, who PRACTICED RACISM and STILL practices racism. Refusing to accept responsibility for their actions, as mentioned above, is another proven trait of ALL psychopaths. Since the ENTIRE Democratic Party does this, you can draw your own conclusions.

Biden isn’t the only Democrat leader who can’t tell the truth.  The late William Safire was a well-known journalist who stated that he voted for Bill Clinton for president.  In an article he wrote for The New York Times in 1996, he commented about Hillary Clinton’s inability to tell the truth.  He also detailed three separate federal and state investigations where she told fabricated stories (i.e., MADE UP LIES) to investigators, once as the Governor’s wife and twice as the President’s wife, that were later revealed to be three different OUTRIGHT LIES with DELIBERATE INTENT TO DECEIVE.30 Safire wrote:

“Americans of ALL political persuasions are coming to the sad realization that our First Lady…is a CONGENITAL LIAR.  Drip by drip, like Whitewater torture, the case is being made that she is COMPELLED TO MISLEAD, and to ensnare her subordinates and friends in a web of deceit.”30

The word congenital means: “constituting an essential characteristic,” “by nature,” and INHERENT.” 

Surely you can remember “Obamacare” being named “LIE OF THE YEAR” in 2013 by PolitiFact. What makes it even more interesting is that PolitiFact, a liberal fact-checking organization that normally loved Barack Obama, had no choice but to declare this when EVERY SINGLE THING Obama promised in connection with Obamacare for over a year was PROVEN TO BE A BLATANT LIE, something that was known in advance not only by President Obama, but also by his friend Jonathan Gruber, creator of Romneycare in Massachusetts, who helped him design our nation’s BIGGEST FINANCIAL SWINDLE.

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama – psychopathic liars, pathological liars, stone-cold liars, or congenital liars?  Your choice.

In case you think that only Democrat leaders lie, the ENTIRE Democratic Party official website, that speaks for ALL Democrats, has been, and is, RIDDLED with lies.   For instance, to quote Ryan Bomberger of The Radiance Foundation:

“From 2005-2011, (the official website of the Democratic Party) had the audacity to claim: ‘we’ve worked to pass every one of our nation’s Civil Rights lawsOn every Civil Rights issue, Democrats have led the fight.”31

The “Our History” section of their current 2021 Democratic Party official website was changed in 2012 and now opens with this drivel:

“For more than 200 years, our party has led the fight for civil rights…, and women’s rights.”

As pointed out on the Home Page, every civil rights law was written by a Republican. What Democrats have done is to unanimously oppose seven, ignore three, repeal two, and filibuster others. In other words, the Democratic Party’s statements are not only bald-faced lies, but after at least seventeen straight years of saying them, they qualify as PATHALOGICAL lies, the number one trait of psychopaths.

Besides the fact their party wasn’t officially founded until 1828, or only 193 years ago, it closes with this braggadocio, in-your-face statement:

“Take a look at some of our accomplishments, and you’ll see why we’re proud to be Democrats.”

Proud?  Their pathological lies of having “worked to pass every one of our nation’s Civil Rights laws” and having “led the fight for civil rights” for the past 200 years goes back to at least 1820, yet, their “Our History” section doesn’t begin until 1920 when it states ANOTHER LIEWhy this 100-year gap?  Is it a typo?  Aren’t they proud of being the party of slavery maintained with whips, chains, and guns until 1865?  Aren’t they proud of ignoring our Constitution by committing documented election fraud at gunpoint hundreds of times between 1855 and 1965?  Aren’t they proud of again ignoring our Constitution, this time by seceding from the Union in 1860 and 1861? Aren’t they proud of committing documented TREASON in 1861 and being DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for the loss of upwards of one million Americans who were either killed in combat or declared missing in action between 1861 and 1865? Aren’t they proud of once again ignoring our Constitution by immediately creating Black Codes and Jim Crow laws to deny black citizens their civil rights until the mid-to-late 1960’s?  Aren’t they proud of enforcing segregation with brutal violence from 1865 to 1965?  Aren’t they proud of creating what has been designated our nation’s oldest hate group, the Ku Klux Klan, who’s been responsible for lynching thousands of Americans among other heinous acts?  Aren’t they proud of creating a dozen other terrorist organizations (i.e., Red Shirts, White Liners, White Faces, etc.) who did things to people that RIVALED NAZI GERMANY and made the KKK look like Boy Scouts?  Aren’t they proud of enforcing white supremacy for more than a century by committing unspeakable atrocities between 1866 and 1965?  Aren’t they proud of burning entire black communities to the ground and shooting residents as they fled between 1866 and 1923? Aren’t they proud of the hundreds upon hundreds of violent race riots they’ve been DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE from 1863 through today, all because of the EVIL way they’ve treated people? Aren’t these some of the accomplishments that make them so proud to be Democrats?

I guess not, because they start their history in 1920 with another BLATANT LIE, taking credit for something they had absolutely NOTHING TO DO WITH – women gaining the right to vote, i.e., the 19th Amendment.  Their misleading claim says: “under the leadership of Democratic President Woodrow Wilson,” when in fact, Wilson won two terms for president campaigning AGAINST the amendment and the Democratic Party had opposed the “Anthony Amendment” for 41 CONSECUTIVE YEARS. Up until it finally passed in 1919, Republicans had introduced the Anthony Amendment in Congress for 41 consecutive years, only to be defeated by either a Democrat-controlled House or a Democrat-controlled Senate.  The only reason it passed this time was because the 1918 midterm elections, for one of the few times in our nation’s history, gave Republicans VETO-PROOF MAJORITIES in both the House and Senate, meaning DEMOCRATS COULD NO LONGER STOP IT, even though they tried.32, 33

It’s documented historical fact that on May 21, 1919, Republican Representative James R. Mann of Illinois, speaking on behalf of the ENTIRE REPUBLICAN PARTY, reintroduced the Anthony Amendment in Congress for the 42nd consecutive year.32,33,34 It passed the House 304-89, which was 42 votes above the two-thirds required for a veto, and passed the Senate on June 4, 1919 by 2 votes over the two-thirds requirement.32,34  With veto-proof Republican majorities in both Houses, “Kaiser” Wilson, a derisive name he was given by the women’s movement, spared himself FURTHER EMBARRASSMENT of being overridden by a veto and signed it into law.  His signature was for SHOW ONLY as the Amendment would have become law without it. 

Saying that women got the right to vote under the leadership of Woodrow Wilson is like saying the Union won the Civil War under the leadership of Robert E. Lee.  It’s a PATHOLOGICAL LIE if ever their was one. The truth is, women got the right to vote IN SPITE OF Woodrow Wilson and the Democratic Party.  In fact, when the 19th Amendment was sent to the States for ratification, guess what?  Of the Democrat-controlled states, eight voted AGAINST ratification and others REFUSED to vote, however, the Republican Party controlled enough states to make it become law in 1920.34 As hard as it is to believe, the last Democrat-controlled State (Mississippi) FINALLY voted to approve women’s right to vote on March 22, 1984, sixty-four years AFTER it had become law and ONLY thirty-seven years ago.26 The Democratic Party, however, worked to DISENFRANCHISE black women UNTIL the mid 1960’s.

If the Democratic Party led the fight for civil rights and women’s rights for more than two hundred years, it must have been on ANOTHER PLANET!  Their statement is a blatant PSYCHOPATHIC LIE and PURE FANTASY, making Democrats everywhere look like PATHOLOGICAL LIARS IN FULL BLOOM.   It’s scary to think that if Democrats had won the Civil War or Lincoln had not been elected, black people might STILL BE SLAVES and women might STILL NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO VOTE. 

If you want more facts, go to this U. S. Government website that’s titled: “Constitutional Amendments and Major Civil Rights Acts of Congress” at: (

Political Atomic Bomb #4: EVERY civil rights act has been written by a Republican. The Democratic Party has unanimously opposed seven, ignored three, repealed two, and filibustered others.

Political Atomic Bomb #5: The Republican Party gave women the right to vote. The Democratic Party fought against it for 42 consecutive years.

All Civil Rights Acts were written by REPUBLICANS. Every one of them. Period! Let that sink in. Democrats have NEVER written a civil rights act. Their claims to have led the fight for civil rights are PATHOLOGICAL LIES.

The second area of the Hare Psychopathy Checklist revolves around their most emotional trait and that is a complete LACK OF REMORSE OR GUILT for their abnormal actions.21 Here they might feel shallow emotions, but only for themselves and NEVER for their victims.  This type of callous behavior includes a total LACK OF EMPATHY for others and a steadfast REFUSAL TO ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY for their own misdeeds.  A psychopath’s understanding of right and wrong is that it’s wrong to get caught.

As reported by journalist Evans Witt, a REFUSAL to accept responsibility is EXACTLY what Biden did when he responded to being outed about his multiple lies: “I’ve never gone around telling people things that aren’t true about me.”  That’s exactly what he did, trying to cover a lie with another lie.

The third area of psychopathic traits deals with the PARASITIC WAY they feed off, or live off, others in order to sustain their lifestyle.21 A psychopath is like a bloodsucker with a preference for LIVING IN THE MOMENT that leads them at times to being impulsive and taking unnecessary risks. They often act irresponsibly, sometimes by LYING to con and manipulate people, always leaving a trail of victims scattered behind them. It’s impulsive and risky to keep on LYING, especially repeating old lies that have already been proven false.  Thinking that people in general are stupid and won’t remember is also irresponsible and shows a complete lack of respect.   Many politicians display parasitic behavior by LACKING MORALS AND HONESTY (i.e. licentiousness, of which lying is a big part).  They’re willing to say whatever it takes to continue living off taxpayers in order to maintain their lifestyle and inflated ego.  Psychopaths treat people like disposable items. In other words, they show absolutely no empathy for their victims and no remorse for their own evil actions, mirroring the Democratic Party’s attitude ever since it was founded.

The last area includes their ANTISOCIAL traits.21 Despite their outward charm and ability to MIMIC REAL EMOTIONS, psychopaths find it difficult to control their behavior in public and tend to lose their temper, bully others and repeat their deviant acts

COMMENTS: Biden can exhibit charm at times by pretending he cares, but then turn on people like a pit bull by repeatedly lying right to their face and then bullying them and getting even more upset at someone who reports the truth.  Con men avoid truth because it reveals their lies.

Because of their glibness and ability to lie easily, psychopaths are great at mimicking normal feelings to manipulate others, making them masters of disguise and very versatile in criminal activities including VIOLENT CRIMES.  An article in Psychology Today states: “Scientists have indeed found statistical associations between PSYCHOPATHIC scores and VIOLENT behavior, as well as other forms of criminality.”35   The Hare Checklist supports this statement in assessing a patient’s psychopathic tendencies, including an obvious and recurring fact: “The majority of psychopaths REPEAT their violent acts.”20

Brief Summary of 193 Years of Democrat Violence:

This time period begins with 37 YEARS of slavery maintained with whips, chains, and documented election fraud. It also includes starting a treasonous 4-year war that left upwards of one million Americans either dead or missing in action. That was immediately followed by 100-PLUS YEARS of Black Codes, Jim Crow laws, segregation, and violently enforced white supremacy that included, but is not limited to, physical intimidation, armed threats, chasing people, slapping them, punching them, kicking them, clubbing them, knocking them down, dragging them behind horses and vehicles, nailing them to buildings, shooting them for sport, having picnic hangings, burying them alive, burning them alive, burning crosses on lawns, kidnappings, beatings, whippings, public floggings, more burnings – including crops, vehicles, inhabitants, and entire communities like Rosewood, Florida; Greenwood, Oklahoma; Wilmington, North Carolina; and many others while shooting residents as they fled, along with tarring and feathering, ballot box stuffing, other forms of documented election fraud committed at gunpoint hundreds of times, inciting riots, bombings, lootings, violent coup d’états, rapes, stabbings, ambushes, mass shootings of hundreds at a time, and in one case thousands, sexual mutilations, assassinations, lynching thousands, massacring many thousands more, disenfranchising millions, and other savage and heinous forms of harassment, torture, and mob violence directed mostly toward black people and white Republicans. That was immediately followed by the LAST 56 YEARS of being directly responsible for hundreds upon hundreds of violent race riots that burned, looted, and killed people, including the last 5 years of committing nearly one thousand separate violent attacks against Republican Party members that included physical and written threats, beatings, knife attacks, shootings, and murder, and nearly one hundred separate violent attacks against Republican members of Congress that included savage beatings, being shot, being shot at, and credible threats against their spouses and children.

Throughout the Democratic Party’s ENTIRE 193-year history, members of the Democratic Party either committed the crimes directly, or aided and abetted those who did in order to maintain their SELFISH NEED FOR POWER. To say that the Democratic Party has repeated its violent behavior would be a HUGE understatement. The use of violence has been a WAY OF LIFE for Democrats. (See Antifa, Black Live Matter, and BAMN.)

William Powell is an author who often writes for the Bud to Boss Editorial Staff, a team of leadership experts who “help new supervisors succeed in the transition to leadership.”  In a recent article titled, “Do You Have a Psychopathic Organization?” he asks: “What makes a psychopath?” 36 And then describes psychopathic traits that include repeated lying to make themselves look better and con others; displaying no remorse or guilt for their bad behavior; showing callous unconcern and a total lack of empathy for others; resorting to criminal violence when it suits their needs; and refusing to accept responsibility for their actions.

Powell says: “Think back to the antics of Charles Manson (a documented psychopath) and read each one of these (above traits) from that context.  Makes sense, right?36

A number of recent articles have been written about today’s psychopathic organizations (Google psychopathic organizations).  So, if we can consider the life of an individual, we can also consider the life of an organization like the Democratic Party. Now think back to the long paragraph you just read titled: “Brief Summary of 193 Years of Democrat Violence” and read the above traits from that context. It makes perfect sense again, doesn’t it? Think back to our Home Page where we described the traits of those on the political left. It will make even more sense.

Most experts agree that psychopaths can’t be cured, but a growing consensus believes that they can be managed, to a degree, by receiving routine medical care in the form of an appropriate treatment.37 What’s appropriate would depend on the depth or severity of their psychopathy and could include everything from regular therapy and rewards for good behavior to incarceration and stronger pharmacotherapy medications including lethal injection. Basically, anything that works.

The depth of psychopathy is determined by several things including responses to Hare’s 20-question checklist.21 Each question describes a particular characteristic of a psychopath and the patient’s history and response determine the score they get for that question.  A score of “2” means the symptom is definitely present, meaning it applies MOST of the time.  A score of “1” means it’s possibly present, meaning it applies SOME of the time.  A score of “0” means it’s definitely absent, meaning it doesn’t apply at all.  For instance, here’s a range of possible scores and who might receive them.21

Several things to remember: The highest possible score is 40 and those who score 30 or higher are considered to be “psychopathic.” For example, Ted Bundy scored 39 and Eileen Wuornos scored 32, both were considered “psychopathic.” However, not all those considered as “psychopathic” are criminals, and not all criminals are considered as “psychopathic.” Scores under 30 are considered to be “non-psychopathic.” Most people show multiple traits associated with psychopathy, but yet, don’t qualify as being considered “psychopathic.”

0 Someone who shows no psychopathy traits. (Very rare.)

3-6 The average normal person (considered NON-psychopathic) with no criminal history. They lead normal lives. (This covers most people.)

10-19 The average person with mild psychopathy (still considered NON-psychopathic) and no criminal history. The majority tend to lead normal lives, meaning SOME have problems.

16-22 The average CRIMINAL with mild psychopathy (still considered NON-psychopathic.) They DEFINITELY have problems.

20-29  The average person with moderate psychopathy (still considered NON-psychopathic) and no criminal history. The majority tend to have problems, meaning SOME don’t have problems.

22-26 The average CRIMINAL with moderate psychopathy (still considered NON-psychopathic). They DEFINITELY have problems.

26-29 The serious CRIMINAL with moderate psychopathy (still considered NON-psychopathic). They DEFINITELY have problems.

30-40   The average person with SEVERE psychopathy.  These people DEFINITELY have SEVERE problems. Includes a clinically-diagnosed and NON-criminal psychopath.  This range also includes a clinically-diagnosed and convicted or non-convicted CRIMINAL psychopath that includes RAPISTS, TORTURERS, SERIAL KILLERS, and those who commit RECURRING, BRUTAL VIOLENCE.

Approximately 1 in 45 psychopaths receive a perfect score of 40.31 That’s scary.

While people aren’t born violent, it’s believed that those in the 10 to 40 range with latent criminal tendencies are predisposed to becoming violent, either by themselves, if there psychopathy manifestation is severe enough, or WITH OTHERS, if the right combination of things occur – one of them is being exposed to increased environmental stress that’s brought on by the TYPE OF PEOPLE THEY ASSOCIATE WITH – similar to a mob or herd mentality usually found in riots, violent gangs, terrorist organizations, and lynch mobs. In other words, being led by someone whose psychopathy manifestation is MORE SEVERE than theirs.38

COMMENTS: People of like minds, or a certain MINDSET or psyche or background, be it good or bad, tend to congregate and socialize together. There’s an old saying – “Misery loves company.” Apparently so does insanity because German philosopher and cultural critic Friedrich Nietzche observed: “In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, etc., it is the rule.” Maybe that’s why 18 percent of white Democrats admit to being diagnosed with mental problems. Maybe that’s why most Democrats seem angry all the time and continually blame others for their ills. Maybe their anger is inherent along with their misplaced belief in a fantasy of democracy and all the other twisted fantasies it spawns. Maybe that’s why they have to reimagine things all the time, because their first imagined fantasy isn’t working. Maybe that’s why they’re violent much of the time, or condone violence carried out by others and even encourage it. Maybe it’s because, in their make-believe world, they want what they want and have temper tantrums when they don’t get it. Maybe it’s because the reality of republicanism and its rule-of-law, whether it’s the majority or not, keeps denying their mob-rule mindset. Maybe that’s what happens when you base your politics on “insufficiently factual studies and unproved assumptions that allow for multiple kinds of reality.” Maybe that’s what happens when you consider everything to be relative. Maybe that’s what happens when opinion is constantly confused for “fact.” Maybe that’s what happens when your entire life is BASED ON A LIE of something that doesn’t exist.

Let’s take a look at the Hare Psychopathy Checklist PCL-R and see how it might relate to the history and overall psyche of the Democratic Party as an organization.

  1. Glib and Superficial CharmNo doubt about it. Not in the least bit shy, self-conscious, or afraid to say anything.  They’re never at a lack for words, whether it’s true or not is another question. The entire Democratic Party is perfectly fine with their lies about leading the fight for civil rights and women’s rights for the past 200 years. The entire Party supported slavery, segregation, terrorist violence, etc., based on what their leaders told them. They’ve even elected a certified, pathological liar as President. Solid “2” but deserves a 10.
  2. Grandiose Self-WorthNo doubt about it.  A grossly inflated view of one’s abilities and self-worth, self-assured, opinionated, cocky, a braggart.  They’re arrogant and believe they’re superior beings as evidenced by their beliefs in slavery and white supremacy for a century and a half. Just listen to their President Joe Biden grossly inflating his accomplishments while acting cocky and bragging about it, even when it’s nothing but lies and they go right along with it. Even with videos of him verbally bullying people who disagree with him.  Or Hillary Clinton’s arrogant comment about half our nation being “deplorables” like she’s superior.  Or Barack Obama’s well-known narcissistic tendencies and claiming those who opposed him were busy clinging to their guns and religion.  Or Bill Clinton’s belief that he could continue to get away with his documented disgusting treatment of women.  Solid “2.”
  3. Need For Stimulation or Proneness to BoredomNo doubt about it.  Look at their low self-discipline with all the rioting and looting they carry out, and how Democratic Party leaders support and encourage such violent behavior. They need the thrilling and exciting stimulation of breaking the law, especially when they believe it furthers their political objectives.  Other people’s property and rights aren’t any consideration to them at all. Seventy percent of convicted criminals identify as Democrats as do seventy percent of heavy drug users. Solid “2.”
  4. Pathological LyingNo doubt about it. They will tell half-truths and spin illusions of truth by being shrewd, crafty, cunning, sly, and clever, or downright deceptive, deceitful, underhanded, unscrupulous, manipulative, and dishonest.  Joe Biden’s documented inability to tell the truth; Bill Clinton escaping a perjury conviction by admitting he lied under oath (the definition of perjury); Hillary Clinton’s lies becoming so many and obvious that Clinton supporter and venerated newsman William Safire said she was a “congenital liar”; Obama’s promise about Obamacare being declared by a left-leaning, fact-checking site as the 2013 “lie of the year”; LBJ’s reelection campaign promise to keep us out of Vietnam; Woodrow Wilson’s first election campaign promise to do all he could to advance the cause of black people, only once elected, immediately making segregation a federal policy; Wilson’s second election campaign promise to keep us out of World War I, only once elected, immediately asking for a declaration of war; todays Democrats with their Russia Collusion Hoax supported by a fake dossier they created and their two lame Impeachment Swindles based on nothing but their imaginations; and how about the Democratic Party website lying to the world, year after year, about their record on civil rights and women’s rights and not one Democrat has a problem with it. Solid “2” but deserves a 10.
  5. Conning and ManipulativenessNo doubt about it.  See #1, #2, and #4.  Solid “2.”
  6. Lack of Remorse or GuiltNo doubt about it.  A lack of feelings or concern for the losses, pain, and suffering of victims.  A tendency to be unconcerned, dispassionate, coldhearted, and lacking empathy, usually demonstrated by a disdain for one’s victims.  The Democratic Party had no problems whatsoever with the evil institution of slavery; starting a civil war that killed hundreds of thousands of our citizens; creating laws and codes to deny black people their civil rights for more than a century; killing thousands to reduce the black vote and using intimidation to disenfranchise the rest for a century; lynching thousands and creating paramilitary groups to maintain white supremacy with brutal violence; shooting black people for sport; all the violent bloody riots they’ve perpetrated including destroying entire black communities like Greenwood, Oklahoma, Rosewood, Florida, and Wilmington, North Carolina and then bragging about it afterward; and nearly one thousand cases of documented violence (including shootings and beatings) directed toward Republican politicians and their supporters all since President Trump announced he was running for president.  Solid “2,” but deserves a “10.”
  7. Shallow AffectNo doubt about it.  An emotional poverty or a limited range or depth of feelings; interpersonal coldness in spite of signs of open gregariousness that are used as a disguise only when it furthers their power.  See #4 and #6.  Solid “2.”
  8. Callousness and Lack of EmpathyNo doubt about it.  A lack of feelings toward people in general; acting cold, contemptuous, inconsiderate, and tactless towards people in general, unless they vote Democrat.  See #4, #6, and #7.  Solid “2.”
  9. Parasitic LifestyleNo doubt about it.  Their intentional, manipulative, selfish, and exploitative dependence on others to pay for things they want has been established by researchers Rachel Sheffield and Robert Rector in their recent report titled, “The War on Poverty After 50 Years.”  The report, using only U.S. Census Bureau information, shows that despite massive federal spending, that equals the amount of our national debt, to supposedly break the back of poverty, it has done the exact opposite by keeping the black poverty rate higher than it was when the program began; has decimated black families who are now more than three times worse off since the program started, and has kept them permanently poor to secure their future votes for more handouts.  Sheffield and Rector’s findings support the Maxwell-Poll taken by the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University, and a follow-up NPR-Poll that both show, among the long term unemployed in our country, 72% of welfare recipients are Democrats and vote Democrat.  Like LBJ said, “we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, NOT ENOUGH TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!”  Solid “2,” but deserves a “10.”
  10. Poor Behavioral ControlsNo doubt about it.  See their expressions of irritability, annoyance, impatience, threats, aggression, verbal abuse, and inadequate control of anger and temper.  See #4, #6, #7, and #9. Solid “2,” but deserves a “10.”
  11. Promiscuous Sexual Behavior – Look at the variety of brief, superficial relations, numerous affairs, and indiscriminate selection of sexual partners exhibited by many of the Democrat Hollywood stars who OPENLY FLAUNT their indiscretions, or the free-love generation of hippies in the 1960’s.  Look at Democrat presidents who were SERIAL ADULTERERS like Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, and Bill Clinton as role models.  Solid “1.” 
  12. Early Behavioral ProblemsNo doubt about it.  Lying, cheating, vandalism, bullying, fire-setting, glue-sniffing, alcohol use, running away from home, and sexual activity aren’t the kinds of things that one all of a sudden starts doing late in life. Neither was their support of slavery, segregation, and violently enforced white supremacy. This kind of activity prior to age 13 leads to the kind of activity mentioned in #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7 #8, #9 #10, and # 11.  Solid “2” but deserves a “10.”
  13. Lack of Realistic, Long-Term Goals –   Lacking direction in life describes the Beatnik Generation of the 1950’s – early 1960’s, the Hippy Generation of the 1960’s – early 1970’s, and today’s rebel groups like Antifa with Marxist Democrat leaders, BAMN with Marxist Democrat leaders, Black Lives Matter with Marxist Democrat leaders, and the Democratic Party who supports and encourages that type of deviant antisocial behavior – all live for the moment types at someone else’s expense. Solid “1.”
  14. ImpulsivityNo doubt about it.  The occurrence of behaviors that are unpremeditated, inability to resist temptation, frustrations, and urges; not considering the consequences; acting foolhardy, rash, unpredictable, erratic, and reckless.  See #4, #6, #8, #10, #12, and #13.  Solid “2” but deserves a “10.”
  15. IrresponsibilityNo doubt about it.  Repeated failure to honor obligations and commitments.  The Democratic Party’s history of failing to honor Constitutional obligations and laws after taking an oath to do so, including a refusal to honor civil rights for black people for more than 100 years and now the civil rights of Republicans by repeatedly lying and encouraging violence toward them.  See #1, #4 and #6.  Solid “2” but deserves a 10.
  16. Failure To Accept Responsibility For Own ActionsNo doubt about it.  Includes antagonistic manipulation, denial of responsibility, and an effort to manipulate others through this denial.  See #1, #4, #5, #6, and the 2020 Democratic Party official website where their Our History section says: “For more than 200 years, our party has led the fight for civil rights.”  This statement DENIES RESPONSIBILITY for 45 years of being the party of slavery and 100-plus years of being the party of segregation and violently enforced white supremacy, including Democrat President Woodrow Wilson making segregation a federal policy.  Solid “2,” but deserves a “10.”
  17. Many ShortTerm Marital Relationships –  A lack of commitment to a long-term relationship reflected in inconsistent, undependable, and unreliable commitments in life, including marital.  Since half the marriages in this country end in divorce, it’s a good bet that almost all organizations would rate a “1.”See #11.  Solid “1.”
  18. Juvenile Delinquency No doubt about it.  Behavioral problems between the ages of 13 and 18; mostly behaviors that are crimes or clearly involve aspects of antagonism, exploitation, aggression, manipulation, or a callous, ruthless tough-mindedness.  Democrat policies of Black Codes and Jim Crow laws led to a disproportionate number of young black people being incarcerated throughout the South during the 100-plus years of segregation and violently enforced white supremacy, as covered in future chapters. During this time, Democratic Party paramilitary groups like the Ku Klux Klan terrorized and murdered black people and white Republicans to keep them from voting.  It stands to reason that most white juveniles between the ages of 13 and 18, who grew up in the South during this period, most assuredly watched and learned from Democrat adults how to antagonize, exploit, and manipulate black people, especially using the same ruthless and aggressive techniques they witnessed and the tough-mindedness that was needed to carry it out GENERATION AFTER GENERATION.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  See #4, #6, #8, and #10.  Solid “2” but deserves a “10.”
  19. Revocation of Condition Release – None I could find linked directly to the Democratic Party, but study after study has shown that of all the incarcerated criminals, 70 percent would register as Democrats over Republicans, Independents, and other political parties.  Solid “1.”
  20. Criminal Versatility No doubt about it.  For a diversity of types of criminal offenses and taking great pride at getting away with crimes, including Democrat Senators bragging in Senate speeches about stuffing ballot boxes and shooting people to maintain white supremacy, belonging to terrorist groups like the Ku Klux Klan that was honored at two Democrat National Conventions, documented election fraud, documented treason, and violently enforced segregation and white supremacy for more than a century See #6 that lasted more than 137 years.  Solid “2” but deserves a “10.”

Total score is 36 out of a possible 40, putting the overall psyche of the Democratic Party right up there with convicted rapists, torturers, serial killers, and those who commit RECURRING, BRUTAL VIOLENCE.  Remember, a person doesn’t have to physically commit the violence or physically be present when the violence is committed. According to law, a person who aids and abets the perpetrator of a crime, whether before, during, or after the crime, is just as guilty as the perpetrator. Throughout their history, the entire Democratic Party has aided, abetted, and in many cases celebrated, their members who committed crimes. Scoring 36 out of 40 isn’t an accident.  When you take into consideration the first 137 years alone, of their miserable 193-year existence, it’s IMPOSSIBLE TO IGNORE what Democrats have done to black people and white Republicans. During this dark period of slavery, secession, treason, and segregation, they were responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of American citizens by starting a treasonous war, and then by committing every brutal and heinous crime you could ever imagine including slaughtering hundreds of Union soldiers taken as prisoners, slaughtering hundreds of people at a time for sport over and over, murdering thousands in broad daylight to keep them from voting, sexually mutilating and dismembering bodies for fun, burning people alive, nailing them to buildings, lynching men and women for entertainment, shooting defenseless women and children, raping black women, setting fires to entire towns and murdering inhabitants as they fled, overthrowing duly-elected State, county, and local governments with violent coup d’etats, committing documented election fraud with brutal violence hundreds of times, looting homes and businesses with reckless abandon as they terrorized community after community, the hundreds upon hundreds of violent race riots they’ve been directly responsible for because of the evil way they’ve treated people, and that are still happening, and on and on and on. 

Taken as a whole, the things that have remained constant are the very characteristics that DEFINE PSYCHOPATHY – pathological lying, conning and manipulative behavior, displaying callous unconcern for the rights of others, having a distinct lack of empathy for their millions of victims, failure to control their behavior by engaging in criminal and violent activity, showing absolutely no remorse or guilt for all the terrible things they’ve done, and, as always, a refusal to accept responsibility for any of it.21  

Throughout their party’s ENTIRE EXISTENCE, Northern Democrats have been just as guilty as their Southern counterparts because they’ve supported them, enabled them, and AIDED AND ABETTED them EVERY STEP OF THE WAY to keep their party in power “by any means necessary.”

Political Atomic Bomb #6:  According to the Democratic Party’s 193-year history of continual violence and the Hare Psychopathy Checklist PCL-R, the Democratic Party qualifies as being a PSYCHOPATHIC ORGANIZATION.

Since 1965, when the dark period of segregation and white supremacy ended in name only, the Democratic Party’s treatment of people, for the previous 137 years, has been directly responsible for the hundreds upon hundreds of violent and bloody race riots we’ve had, not only since the Civil War, but in the last 56 years too. It’s all related.

COMMENTS: Just to get some perspective, do a Google search for violent race riots carried out by members of the Republican Party and let me know when you find one.  Today we have continual riots being carried out by supporters of the Democratic Party who belong to modern-day terrorist organizations like Antifa, BAMN, and Black Lives Matter where Democrat mayors in cities like Minneapolis, Portland, and Seattle, not only stepped aside and told the police to stand down, but some actually joined the rioters and took part in the looting, burning, and pillaging.  Not content with sacking cities, supporters of the Democratic Party have violently attacked upwards of one hundred Republican congressmen and upwards of one thousand rank and file members of the Republican Party, while Democratic Party leaders like Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Ocasio Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Tom Perez and others, have openly encouraged and defended this type of behavior.  Belief in democracy breeds turbulence and contention. Nothing has changed for the Democratic Party and its CONTINUAL USE OF CRIMINAL VIOLENCE.

As I stated earlier, no organization is perfect and that certainly includes the Republican Party, but, when Democrats continually do the many evil things their party has consistently done over its entire history, there has to be something that’s inherently wrong with THE WHOLE ORGANIZATION.  It can’t be coincidence.

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