Our Mission

Article IV, Section 4: Reclaim Our Republic – Because Truth Matters

The Republican Party has a serious IDENTITY problem that won’t be fixed by continuously asking for more financial support.  Especially when it’s spent on advertising for the Democratic Party.  To get the GOP back on track, our mission has two specific purposes. The first is to RE-EDUCATE Republicans about what FORM of government we have and why it’s vital to our nation’s survival.  Second, and just as important, to give them TALKING POINTS that will destroy the Democratic Party, including why our Founding Fathers were unanimous in REJECTING democracy as a form of government.

The recent presidential election and subsequent events in our capitol have capped off a one-hundred-year decline for our nation’s second oldest political party. During this time, Republicans have slowly forgotten who they are, what they stand for, and how to beat Democrats on a regular basis. Those who disagree have the same mentality as George Custer on the last morning he rode out with the 7th Cavalry.

In fact, one has to wonder . . . have Republican politicians ever read the United States Constitution that they’ve sworn to uphold?  You know, that pesky piece of paper that defines what form of government they’re supposed to be protecting and defending?  Have they ever read Article IV, Section 4? Have you?  It says, and I quote:

“The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.”

The rest of our Constitution expands on Article IV, Section 4 by setting forth the basic principles and laws of our nation that determine the powers and duties of our government and guarantee certain rights to our people. The forty-three-word sentence I quoted above states exactly what form of government we have, and as such, is the heart and soul of our Constitution because it contains the word from which everything else springs.  The operative word in this sentence, and thereby in the WHOLE Constitution, is the word “Republican.” 

Operative means: “producing an appropriate effect,” and, “exerting force or influence,” and, the “most significant or essential” meaning, as in the operative word in a phrase. Legal scholars and even Google Search define the operative word as: “the most important word in a phrase, which explains the TRUTH of a situation.” 

The TRUTH that Republicans are not using is this – our government is “republican” in form and NOT democratic.  According to the Supreme Court’s favorite resource, the words republic and democracy not only differ greatly as forms of government, they are MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE, meaning, “being related such that each excludes or precludes the other.” In other words, as I stated on the Home Page, it’s IMPOSSIBLE for a government to be both a republic and a democracy. It can be one, or the other, but NEVER both. (See Chapter Three.) 

This means our nation is, most definitely, a Republic and NOT a democracy. Calling us a democracy is not only a LIE that was started by the Democratic Party in 1828, constantly repeating it provides free advertising for Democrats. Repeating the word Republic provides free advertising for Republicans, so why aren’t we using it? Doesn’t the truth mean anything?

Article IV, Section 4 means we also practice “republicanism” because, as mentioned on the Home Page, according to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, republicanism means: “adherence to a republican form of government,” and, “the principles, policy, or practices of the Republican Party of the United States.” Meaning, Republicans practice republicanism and NOT democracy. In other words, Republicans SUPPORT our Constitution because they ADHERE to a republican form of government. The definition of Democrat is: “an ADHERENT of democracy.” Since democracy and republic aren’t the same, the Democratic Party DOES NOT SUPPORT our Constitution, they support something that doesn’t exist.

LET. THAT. SINK. IN. Republicanism is supposed to encompass “the principles, policy, or practices of the Republican Party” because doing so “adheres to a republican form of government” as stated in our United States Constitution. When was the last time you heard Republicans use the word republicanism? When was the last time you heard them say republican form of government? Instead, it’s democracy this and democratic that until it makes me sick to my stomach. Despite losing the last presidential election and control of Congress, Republicans are STILL advertising for Democrats. Haven’t we learned ANYTHING?

Assuming all Republicans can read, why do we insist on calling us a democracy and talking about democratic rights when the TRUTH is, our nation is a republic and we have republican rights? I’ll tell you why – because we’ve allowed ourselves to be brainwashed by a lax educational system that’s CONTROLLED by Democrats. Gee…what could go wrong? No wonder the Republican National Committee is always asking for money.  Would you donate to a political organization that offers free advertising for their opponents?  Can someone please explain the “game plan” for that kind of thinking?  Hello!  Is anyone home? 

Too many voters think all politicians lie.  Guess what? When Republicans refuse to tell the TRUTH about what form of government we have, they are lying. Calling us a democracy is a BALD-FACED LIE. This kind of negative Republican marketing, either by commission or omission, has gone on for decades and is the PRIME REASON why Republicans have finished second in the total vote count in seven of the last eight presidential elections, a trend that should scare the pants off every one of us, especially our party leaders. My question to them is why? We not only have the TRUTH on their side, but the BIGGEST and BEST marketing advantages we WILL EVER HAVE and we’re ignoring them.  Constantly repeating the Democratic Party’s BIGGEST LIE gives credence to other Democrat lies like socialism, critical race theory, and biological gender is relative. It’s all related.

In Chapters Two and Three you’ll see, in no uncertain terms, why our Founders dismissed democracy as a form of government and went all in on a Republic. Unfortunately, over the years, and as mentioned in the Home Page, Democrats have succeeded in blurring the distinction between the two as they SEEK TO ERASE HISTORY, in particular THEIR HISTORY, and replace the steady calm and statesmanship of republicanism with the lynch-mob, rule-of-the-majority ALL the time, and By-Any-Means-Necessary violence of democracy.

The simple fact is this: we have a “republican” form of government. What?  You thought republican meant the same as democratic?  Guess again Sherlock.  Now what?  You thought republic is a form of democracy?  How about a big fat “NO!”  Do you know what democracy means?  Obviously not, because there’s only ONE THING that makes a government a democracy, so either it has it, or it doesn’t, and WE DON’T!  THAT’S the problem! Our Republican leaders don’t even know what form of government we have.  You want proof that begs belief?

In between writing checks to the RNC, do yourself a big favor and peruse the official Republican Party website (at https://gop.com) that speaks for all Republicans, then all 67 pages of the “National Republican Party Platform,” and, finally, all 48 pages of the “Republican National Committee Rules.” Let me know when you find the words “Republican Form of Government,” “Republic,” or “republicanism” mentioned anywhere.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.

If you need more proof, check out the entire websites for the “National Republican Congressional Committee,” the “National Republican Senatorial Committee,” the “Republican Governors Association,” and the websites of every major Republican political figure. Let me know when you find the words “Republican Form of Government,” “Republic,” or “republicanism” mentioned anywhere. The fact that you won’t find them is INEXCUSABLE! Instead, you’ll find the words democracy and democratic.  Whose team are they on?  Why are they lying for the Democratic Party? You can bet those words aren’t found on any Democrat website because they’ve been running a democracy CON on the American people for 194 years! 

The word democracy doesn’t appear ANYWHERE in our governing documents, both at the national level and the state level. Do you think that’s an accident?  Do you even know why our Founding Fathers, to a man, not only detested democracy, but considered it to be “evil,” “wretched,” “virulent,” and “a disease?” Are you aware that our Founders considered the word Democrat to be a derogatory term? Or, that calling someone a Democrat was an insult?  No?  Then whose team are you on?

WORDS ARE IMPORTANT. If our Republican leaders think they can play a fraudulent Democrat game using Democrat rules and win, they’re delusional. They need to be RE-EDUCATED about what form of government we have and STOP ADVERTISING for the Democratic Party. Too many believe we’re a democracy and that simply isn’t the case. Prior to the creation of our Constitution, that DEFINES our Republican Form of Government, the Declaration of Independence was written by Thomas Jefferson in 1776. The second paragraph of that document begins with this:

“We hold these TRUTHS to be self-evident, that ALL men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

That one sentence led to the formation of the antislavery Republican Party, in direct OPPOSITION to the proslavery Democratic Party, and FREEDOM for black people.

The final draft of the United States Constitution was written eleven years later by James Madison and ratified into law in 1788. It says this in Article IV, Section 4 and bears repeating:

“The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, …”

If you’ve never read the Constitution in its entirety, you might be surprised by the wording in Article IV, Section 4. Specifically, that our government is “republican” in form and NOT democratic.  This distinction is VITAL FOR THE SURVIVAL OF OUR COUNTRY and here’s why. After our Constitution became law, it took only forty years for a group of selfish, angry, and depraved Americans to found the Democratic Party and IMMEDIATELY TAKE ISSUE with our Declaration of Independence and call Thomas Jefferson a liar, namely, “that ALL men are created equal.”

Simultaneously, they gave the middle finger to James Madison and the rest of our Founding Fathers by TAKING ISSUE with our Constitution, namely, the Electoral College that protects minority rights, i.e., “republican” rights, because even though their presidential candidate of 1824 received the most popular votes, he lacked the required number of electoral votes and lost the election. Democrats don’t like obeying the law when they lose and responded like petulant children, in essence, saying a giant “Fu-k You” to our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, our Founding Fathers, and from then on became DEDICATED to the expansion of slavery EVERYWHERE and subverting our Republic into a democracy “By Any Means Necessary” (the future motto of their Ku Klux Klan and the name of one of their modern-day terrorist organizations known as BAMN).

Thankfully, in 1854, a group of heroic and patriotic Americans understood exactly what Democrats were doing and responded by founding the Republican Party, REDEDICATING THEMSELVES to the TRUTH of our Republic, including the belief that ALL men really ARE created equal and the “republican” idea that PROTECTING MINORITY RIGHTS, i.e., “republican” rights, is worth fighting for.  

Republicans need to SPEAK THE TRUTH when talking about our form of government. They also need to SPEAK THE TRUTH about the Democratic Party. Specifically, their evil history of perpetuating RACISM and VIOLENCE via their psychotic delusion of democracy. Every violent race riot we’ve had since 1863 has been the DIRECT RESULT of the Democratic Party’s evil treatment of people. Allowing them to get away with blaming ALL Americans for our race problems has enabled them to CONTINUE PRACTICING RACISM in its many forms while pointing the finger for the consequences at someone else – a textbook PSYCHOPATHIC TRAIT. (See Chapters Five and Six.)

Only one party has been the party of slavery, secession, and documented treason. Only one party has started a civil war that destroyed half our country and left upwards of one million Americans dead or missing in action. Only one party has been the party of Black Codes, Jim Crow laws, and segregation that denied civil and constitutional rights to black people for another century. Only one party has been the party of the Ku Klux Klan and dozens of other terrorist organizations who enforced white supremacy with brutal violence. Only one party has been the party of lynching thousands, disenfranchising millions, and committing violent coup d’etats. Only one party has been the party of documented election fraud thousands of times, massacre after massacre, burning entire communities to the ground, and being directly responsible for every violent race riot since 1863, and that party, for all these RACIST problems, and a whole lot more, is the DEMOCRATIC PARTY!

The entire history of the Democratic Party is an inhumane history of VIOLENT RACISM that has led to the problems we have today, including everything from racial tensions and riots to the amount of our national debt. Democrats will NEVER CHANGE unless they’re CONFRONTED ON A DAILY BASIS with the FULL BLAME for all the terrible things they’ve done and publicly shamed into changing the name of their party. They CANNOT BE ALLOWED to continue painting themselves as good guys when EVERYTHING they’ve done, throughout their miserable existence, paints a much different picture. By not confronting them on a daily basis with the truth, Republicans are enabling them to continue their racist ways and cause more problems.

And finally, Republicans can no longer afford to ignore the one group of voters that, with rare exception, determines EVERY ELECTION. For decades Democrats have dominated the news with sound-bite lies that include wild accusations about Republicans while spreading their lie of democracy.  Republicans, staying true to form in their predictable manner, have responded like marionettes by dancing around huffing and puffing about hypocrisy, followed by acting indignant while issuing denials, and then asking donors for more money. As if spending money will substitute for a lack of courage to TELL THE TRUTH about our Republic and the Democratic Party’s LONG RACIST HISTORY OF VIOLENCE. In other words, playing an orchestrated Democrat game using Democrat rules.  That deck has been stacked against us for a reason and only a fool can think we will ever win if we keep playing it.

We cannot compete with a political party that promises to make everything free, from a guaranteed government job for everyone and free education for life, to free housing, free money, free food, free cell phones, free transportation, free medical coverage, free retirements, and everything in between.  If you think logic and brains will prevail, then you’re ignoring twenty-five percent of our country that has a verified IQ in the C-minus/F range (See https://www.edubloxtutor.com/iq-test-scores/), sixty-eight percent of whom could be eligible to receive Social Security disability payments simply because they qualify as having an “intellectual disorder” from “below average intelligence”  (see https://www.disabilitysecrets.com/page11-10.html).  Folks, that amounts to SEVENTEEN PERCENT of our voting population.

We can transfer all the money we want via social programs and level the playing field until one side is climbing straight up hill at a ninety-degree angle, but the one thing we can’t transfer is IQ points.  Seventeen percent will continue voting Democrat simply because they hear the word free. Republicans haven’t been smart enough to create Republican sound bites about the TRUTH of our Republic and the EVIL that’s the Democratic Party.

Daniel Webster, named one of our five greatest senators, said: “There is nothing so powerful as truth.” Like most politicians he missed the point, because he should have added: “But only if you USE IT!”

Guess which part of our population reads the least? Guess which part has the most trouble focusing? Guess which part spends the most time in front of a television set? If you said the seventeen percent, then pat yourself on the back. Sad as it is, this group doesn’t have the mental capacity or attention span long enough to even follow a logical discussion, any more than donkeys can learn how to roll over and play fetch.  If you think I’m kidding, talk to some high school math teachers.  If Republicans want to win arguments and win the future with these sound-bite people, they have to play a bigger game than the one Democrats are playing.  I’m talking about the kind of game that will cut their arguments off at the knees, and one they won’t be able to avoid.  Even better, a game that will be played by Republican rules.

Right now our nation, as mentioned on the Home Page, is like a train that has jumped the tracks.  The farther we get from the rails of our republic and republicanism, the bumpier our ride is becoming.  We have some major differences with Democrats that we can support with DOCUMENTED TRUTH, and we had better start using it or their evil lies will overwhelm us and result in a fatal crash.

But, to use these truths effectively, we need to consider the “collective” liberal mindset, no pun intended. This goes hand in hand with the differences we discussed on the Home Page between those on the political left (Democrats) and those of us on the political right (Republicans). According to psychiatric evidence, as discussed by forensic psychiatrist Dr. Lyle H. Rossiter Jr. in his best-selling book – The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of POLITICAL MADNESS, Conservatives, as a general rule, prefer simplicity over complexity and tend to be pragmatic and happy people.  That’s why rural areas tend to be filled with independent Republicans who like open space while urban areas tend to be overcrowded with dependent Democrats fighting for the same space.  Liberals, as a general rule, like complexity over simplicity and tend to be miserable as a result.  For more than a century we’ve been trying to make them feel better by giving in and compromising on our Constitutional principles until they’ve taken away almost everything we have, and they’re STILL MISERABLE!

Continuously giving toys to disruptive students won’t turn them into Rhodes scholars.  The time for everybody gets a trophy, bend over backwards, and reach across the aisle is LONG GONE.  This is now an all-out WAR for survival.  It’s time to take off the gloves and start beating them back with some serious TRUTH.  Not opinions and merely re-stating what we stand for, as typically accompanies a GOP request for money, but the TRUTH of our Republic and the TRUTH about the Democratic Party’s LIE of DEMOCRACY.  To quote President Bush after 911: “Either you’re with us, or you’re against us.”  There is no middle of the road, sit on the sidelines to see what happens anymore.  Either we fight for our freedoms now OR WE LOSE THEM! And we don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell if we keep repeating the Democratic Party’s BIGGEST LIE.

What I’ve written may seem a little harsh, but I did it for a reason because this may shock you even more.  According to a recent study done by professors from the University of Pennsylvania and Stanford University, not exactly bastions of conservative thought, for the American Academy of Political and Social Science, most jailed CONVICTS would register as DEMOCRATS over Republicans, Independents, and Libertarians.  The study found that, on average, seventy-three percent of convicted felons would register Democrat in every State, and by as much as a six to one margin in States like New York, New Mexico, and North Carolina.  Since there isn’t an official “Crime Party” with a platform of legalizing MURDER, ROBBERY, and RAPE, all methods of control condoned by the Democratic Party for more than a century and a half through slavery and violently enforced segregation, it appears that criminals would make do with what they consider to be the next best thingthe Democratic Party. This explains why Democrats want to defund police, release violent repeat offenders without bail, and have voting rights restored for all convicted felons. The Democratic Party couldn’t care less about the heinous nature of crimes as long as those who commit them vote Democrat. Just like they couldn’t care less about all the illegal aliens flooding across our southern border who bring enough fentanyl with them to become the leading cause of death among Americans ages 18 – 45, as long as they vote Democrat. The Democratic Party couldn’t care less about the safety of the American people, only about maintaining their power BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!

It’s hard to imagine that most convicted criminals are happy people.  For citizens who aren’t convicted, or criminals, why would any of them want to join a political party that’s ALWAYS MISERABLE? More specifically, why would any immigrant, or minority, want to support a political party that has a long, sordid, violent, and racist history that continues to this day? It’s because THEY HAVEN’T BEEN TOLD!

HISTORY IS IMPORTANT, yet Republicans have ignored it and allowed Democrats to bully them with lies in order to gain control of the moral high ground.  No war was ever won by allowing the enemy to control the high ground.  Sure, a battle might occasionally be won, but even a broken clock is right twice a day.  The fact is, history shows that the Republican Party has been steadily losing the overall political war FOR MORE THAN A HUNDRED YEARS. If we want to win the future once and for all, we need to play some serious, sound-bitetrump” cards, again no pun intended, that will fire people up!  Putting it bluntly, why are we fighting Democrat lies using sticks and stones when we have the political equivalent of atomic bombs in our arsenal?   You read that right, I said ATOMIC BOMBS!  Political atomic bombs that will lay waste to the Democratic Party just as surely as real atomic bombs laid waste to Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  All it takes is the brains and courage to use them.

Thanks to four years of Donald Trump policies that actually benefitted Americans, a conservative Supreme Court who correctly reversed Roe v. Wade, and two years of Joe Biden’s dementia, we have the Democratic Party reeling, and now it’s time to step on their “collective” necks until we hear a loud snap. As any team player knows, the best defense is a GOOD OFFENSE.  If you’re tired of Republicans being bullied by Democrats and constantly playing defense, then stay tuned. The rest of this website not only reveals those political atomic bombs, it examines the STARK DIFFERENCES between the two political parties, covering who they are and what they’ve stood for since they were founded. Those differences are startling, compelling, overwhelming, and frightening.