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2 replies on “Welcome to the Article 4 Section 4 Website”

Found your site today. Very informative. Have never seen a better argument for being a Republican. Good luck. Hope this site catches fire!

The research conducted and shared through your website will awaken countless Americans who, like myself, were not exposed to the history you provided. I went through all levels of elementary and secondary school and achieved a master’s degree. Nothing in my educational background covered the points you have made so succinctly and thoroughly regarding the difference between a “Democracy” and “Republican form of government.” The Truth in what you presented could not have come at a better time in our country than now with the threat of insurrection and continuing false narratives. As the great statesman Daniel Webster said, “There is nothing so powerful as truth.” Let us hope that this message holds true for generations to follow. Kudos on the Article-IV-Section-4
website. Look forward to future updates.

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